Since horde can Horde v Horde, give alliance the same benefit

Let alliance have an option to choose alliance v alliance games. Only fair

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Pretty sure its already setup like that. Also there isn’t a choice we get what the queue gives us.

Its not… alliance can not choose to only play alliance

Ok I see where this is going. Enjoy your weekend.

Before I go heres this:

Well horde can not choose to only play against horde. It’s the same.

but that solely benefits horde and gives them lots of opportunity to H v H… How many A v A games has anyone encountered?

You are being obtuse af

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Im pointing out that Horde get to play against their same faction while alliance does not get the same benefit. Even if “technically” they can… the proof is there are no alliance v alliance matches. Horde get a unique experience, alliance get left out.

If alliance could select an option to only play against alliance matches, then alliance BGs would be far more fair and even. The win/loss ratios would be about 50% and it wont increase horde queues.

I see zero downside to it

Than we to can do the win lose BG so everyone gets honor.
Horde can we cant.

Probably the fact that no one is ever going to do it because it would take 8 years to find a game… assuming their is an “opt in” process.

Did someone say collusion?

Wait I thought horde racials made it impossible to beat them in a BG?

Also go for it, enjoy your hour long que option all you want.

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