<sin> is recruiting for progression

Currently 8/8 BWL


Raid Schedule:
AQ40 AQ40/bwl BWL: Wed & Sun invites start at 8:00 pm
Ragnaros Molten Core : Tues 8:00 pm
- ONY Ony & ZG ZG/AQ20 AQ20 - on cooldown in between primary raids

We are a social semi hardcore guild with a very active community, and as one we want active skilled players for our progression team. We like to have fun and we like to progress through new content. We want people that like to enjoy every aspect of the game, whether it be pvp, leveling, and progression raiding.
- You will NEVER see only 10 people online in our guild - often between 60-100 online even on non raid nights. As well as an active and social discord.

Loot System: DKP
- We use Monolith DKP addon to maintain point totals.
- Open Bid with Priority System in place for certain items to go to certain classes
Roles Needed -
Druid Druid - medium Resto only
Hunter Hunter - high
Mage Mage - high
Priest Priest - medium Healing only
Rogue Rogue - low Geared Rogues only
Shaman Shaman - low Resto only
Warlock Warlock - high
Warrior Warrior - low Geared Tanks or DPS only

Even if a Class or Role isn’t listed we will consider exceptionally skilled players at all times to join our team.

Come fully Repaired, with Pots, Consumables, Gear Enchanted & PvE Specced
If you are not familiar with the fights watch Boss Fight Videos several times
Paying Attention - not going AFK - Consistent Players that can make the majority of Raids that we have scheduled
Required Addons: Deadly Boss Mods, ThreatClassic2, Discord
Recommended: Monolith DKP - Class Specific Addons

We have had a great time so far in classic and want to continue our progression into AQ through Naxx. We like to progress and have a good time doing it. If that sounds good to you let us know.
Anyone interested is free to message myself on discord or ingame at Khaalathas, Koren, Myycorona, Bonely.

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