Simplicite Weekend 7/9M Dazar'alor recruitment

(Taehee) #41

Yes Rize, the Hpal spot remains open.

(Kalcifer) #42

8/8M one shot!

(Taehee) #43

Recruitment for Dazaralor is now open.

Looking for talented dps and 1 healer, preference towards MW/Hpal.

(Kalcifer) #44

Looking for a healer and ANY exceptional dps.


Looking for ranged dps


5/9 now. Looking for a resto shaman and ranged dps.


Hi there. I’m a resto druid, so not what you’re looking for at the moment. But just in case, I figure I’ll say hi.

I love the weirdos I raid with on Tues/Wed but would very much like to push harder content, so this weekend group would be ideal. My logs are decent.

Noxana-Korgath. :smiley:

(Noxana) #48

Aaaaand, of course I post on my rshaman. This is my actual main. Although surprise! I also have a resto shaman


Hey there. I spoke to Yukidama about my resto shaman joining the weekend group. I am willing to gquit and join your guild as requested. Would be happy to answer any additional questions. nox#1396/Noxxa-Korgath (shaman).

(Taehee) #50

Updateeedddd for recruitment