Simple fix for Humming Black Dragonscale

I got a 460 version of this trinket this week on my DH and it was a decent upgrade, however, it can be extremely annoying on in some cases with the slowfall. I don’t want to have to macro in /cancelaura stuff to every ability. It’s not as huge of an issue on demon hunter because we can just fel rush or glide forward again, but on other classes, that might not be an option.

Proposal: Make the trinket have a permanent on/off toggle for the slowfall when it procs.

This way, if you want to have the slowfall, it’s there when you need it. Otherwise, you can turn it off.

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since nothing like this exist in game it would require to invent entire new system and make sure it works. Not simple at all.

I originally thought the wings were just aesthetic, but adding an uncontrollable slow fall is kind of stupid and dangerous.

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Plenty of things have used similar coding like paladin auras. It’s not hard to piggyback off that kind of code. Every single buff/debuff you have on your character both visible and hidden(your character has dozens of hidden auras) is aura based coding.

I’m pretty sure even an inexperienced coder could copy/paste some code and make it work, without even knowing how to code.


Alright, that’s good enough. Gives you a “toggle” for it when you need it.

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used the silencer. slowfall bullcrap is still happening.


That’s ridiculous, so now in order to not have an annoying slow fall that I don’t want, I have to buy an item, and ALSO not be able to be Misdirected, Tricks’d, or Life Gripped. Awful.

This. Which ruins a semi decent trinket for tanks that like haste, and is pretty easy to get. As a tank, not being able to be misdirected or tricks ruins several instances and dungeon tactics.