Silvermoon Alliance Reconnections

Dweedy, mage
Also Dweedle (warrior) and Dweelo (druid).
Guild is Excalibur and raided with SRA (Silvermoon Raid Alliance), as did most of our members.

Looking to promote the Mankrik server as first option!
Find my post below for chat channel info for Excalibur and SRA on Mankrik :slight_smile:


<33333333. Miss you big boi

That was me btw, weird random character selected when logged in… 8<

I remember a warrior by the name of Ironwolf.

Sylvan, NE Hunter was my main in vanilla, during TBC I switched to a Shaman named Borus

Mandorallen - Human Paladin

Original Guild - Midnight Legion

The majority of my raiding time was spent with SRA (Silvermoon Raiding Alliance) all the way from MC to AQ40.

Towards the end of Vanilla I joined Unrestrained to which we cleared a little over half of Naxx before TBC hit.

Would be great to catch up with anyone who remembers me from those days of early raiding or my original guild.

Haven’t decided on a realm yet but there is the temptation to choose the normal oceanic realm since i connect from Australia.


If enough old faces are joining a US realm however i would be happy to set up camp there as well

I am Football/Zyphyras, looking for any old members of Midnight Legion like Stega, Naxithar, Mandorallen, Deathmckilly, Szewei, etc.

Also keen to hook up with anyone else who used to come to our weekly Kara farming runs with Incendiex (me), Xandual, Nephrotic etc.

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Sup boiii
Add my battle tag Incendiex#1616

And where’s Thursday this go around?

thats what im doing. will play US if theres many old faces, otherwise oceanic

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I hear yas, I still play on Silvermoon US and it can be pretty quiet in Oceanic times (from NZ myself)!
Because Classic will be 90% nostalgia for me, I’ll be sticking with US time zone to find as many people as possible from old days :smiley:

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Hey! This is Thon, Human Warrior for Night Eternal! Still playing my warrior, just under a different name now. Wow it’s been a while! Still remember those MC days and killing Rag for the 1st time :smiley:

I remember our first Rag kill. That fu@#er submerged at like 1-2% and it was chaotic just trying to survive until he came back up. Got Perdition from our first kill.

/cast Hunter’s Mark

Haha awesome, you were the one i was hoping to find here. Just still playing wow :stuck_out_tongue: made the shift to horde though at end of vanilla and never looked back. Whats going on with you?

Dont know if its allowed but oh well be no point of this thread if not but my Btag is Gromgar#1751

He will be returning too, I linked him this thread guess he has not got around to posting.

Hey Toecrud! I play mage Katyanna. Love Ancient Creed. Raid group I think was MC raiders.

sooo what server is everyone going to? Is there an unofficial Silvermoon?

NE Hunter, Amathest from Ictus Fulminis.