Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

It’s far easier to crush a few botters than it is to deal with a billion dollar industry around botting.

If you think the botting situation on private servers is even remotely comparable to that of official Blizzard servers, then I don’t know what to say. The vast majority of the botting industry is focused on WoW.

A minimum of 8 million people already have. They just found different sheep to buy their other games.

Quitting is the proper and adult choice to make when a person disagrees with the design/business practices a company is making. Belittling, insulting and being generally toxic towards the employees who just post updates on the forum because that person doesn’t like the choices a company is making is the wrong choice and is juvenile.

Calling a multi billion dollar company out for not maintaining their game is about as adult as you can get. You don’t see many children doing this, do you?

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You seem physically incapable of distinguishing between the people making the choices and the people who relay the choices.

You should quit this game if you’re this upset.

You’ve already said that, and I already answered it.

Not everyone is going to kiss the behind of Activision or rationalize their contempt for their customers. And as I said before, there’s only so much people will put up with.

This is the line of thinking that people use when the scream at the kid working at a McDonald’s behind the register because breakfast stops at 10:30…as if that kid has anything to do with that choice at all.

And its gross

No idea what you’re talking about. Who’s screaming at a kid behind a counter?

My contempt is for Activision and their BS.

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Imagine going to a video game forum to complain about a company ruining your game and that company has absolutely nothing to do with the game you play.

As a retaliation of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars income from finally banning the botters, blizzard has “Hotfixed” PvP Pool Boosting. “Deleted characters no longer count towards pool size”. Therefore, we have to make multiple accounts to increase the PvP Honor Pool Size. This hotfix was designed as a disservice to the players and require more account subs to continue pool boosting