Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

just got in as a “trial” and they want me to server xfer. add me on discord benji. gotta frame them good


Your video goes to lengths to demonstrate how easy it is, though. And I’m sure one guild does not own a monopoly on all hacks.

Case in point:

I’ve never known an online game with such egregiously game breaking hacks where they haven’t been used to grief the community. Your video is very suspect to me on those grounds alone.

Why not make a point to Blizzard by going and testing these hacks in a major city yourself? It’d be sure to make some waves.

If you don’t believe how deep this rabbit hole goes then roll a character on Skeram, mess with the bracket stacking bots, and they’ll have your full dox and swat your family within hours. It’s no joke to these guys.

Punished for reporting cheaters. Love it.

Start a diary.

The pool update is pretty tone deaf. So what would you expect but the responses that it is getting. That’s what a CM is supposed to mitigate. Leaving every other topic untouched then posting that is on their communications team. Not the dev team for making the update. Or the community for responding in kind. But the communications team for letting the lines of communication deteriorate so badly that the community goes off the deep end because the only news they hear has nothing to do with anything they care about.

I disagree with that change, whole-heartedly.

But no, its not the CMs job to mitigate. Its their job to communicate what is being changed and when. Personally attacking CMs because they’re doing their job is why they don’t post more than the bare minimum.

The CMs didn’t decide to kill Pool Parties, that was someone else. Getting mad at the CMs is like yelling at the poor check-out clerk at the Costco because someone doesn’t like some corporate policy…like that poor clerk had any hand in the choice.

I think you misunderstood. I dont care one way or the other about the change. From what I saw the majority of the complaints are not about the change itself even. But rather, why are they changing this finge issue. While continuing radio silence on the major concerns of the community, not even acknowledging them.

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There is silence because there is nothing new to report. The post that happened during this conversation a few weeks back was basically “we know there is botting happening, please keep reporting.”…And that thread instantly became a dumpster-fire on a sinking ship on a garbage heap.

They acknowledged the problem, and let the community know how to deal with it. And it was still a huge mess.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to know why they made this seemingly random pool-party change. But as a community, we’ve ruined that for our selves. We earned the very bare minimum…and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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If i had to guess, since they save an entire history of each character that is deleted to the account, the creation, archive, storage and deletion backup of hundreds of thousands of level 1 characters used in “pool parties” was impacting their future downsizing of classic server hardware.

it saves them money.

Blizzard needs to deal with it or put us all on the payroll. I’m tired of being told as a customer I need to police their game.

Then quit.

That’s a real possibility. Like millions of others, I haven’t touched retail since the first few months of WOD. I found private servers run by volunteers on a shoe string budget to care more about the game and the people who play it than this billion dollar corporation.

After the initial push of RMT spam, bots, and exploits, private servers annihilated them. They took care of the problem. That’s right, these volunteers actually had eyes in their game and policed their own servers.

Activision doesn’t care about any of their customers, let alone the game. Pretending they can’t fix the problem, or worse, they don’t have the money to police their own game is ludicrous.

Working from player reports is lengthy, inefficient and unreliable and Warden is a joke. This is how Activision deals with this pervasive and persistent problem - a security system that takes five seconds to google a work around and their customers policing their game.

It’s not working. If you’re running a business do you fix the problem or do you tell your customers to leave? Apparently Activision is fine with the latter. Apparently you are, too. And unfortunately, that’s what people eventually do. There’s only so much you can put up with before you quit.

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It’s much easier to police a population that is (a) a fraction of Classic’s size and (b) unofficial and so gets a lot less attention from the folks who find these kinds of exploits in the first place.

Ultimately the only real long-term solution is to cut the market out from under them via the token. Everything else is a bandaid. Inability to make real money from gold sales will massively undercut the risk-reward for the botters and exploiters far more than any number of ban waves.

I’m now seeing people openly advertise for boost runs for real life currency in chat channels on my server.

Please don’t insult the player base by bringing this up.

Everyone knows it takes fewer GM’s to police one server as opposed to several dozen. That’s Activision’s responsibility.

What a perfect scam. Introduce a solution for a problem that you refused to address and make money off it.

Tokens do nothing to address fly hacks, bots, cheaters, or the dozens of other types of RMT that festers this game.


and, one might argue, makes the incentive for more ‘ordinary’ players to exploit the raw gold farming techniques that screw the economy in the first place - mage farms, LoS farms, etc.

The token makes it nigh impossible for them to make real money off those exploits by destroying the black market. The cost-benefit of said exploits will nosedive as a result. It’s common sense.

As long as demand for gold is left unmet through proper channels, people WILL prop up the cheaters who provide it illicitly. Worse still, while banning an account will also take care of any gold and tokens it contains (setting them back), bans do nothing to any real currency they’ve obtained, so there is little to no lost progress as they reset and return.

You are incredibly naive if you think tokens destroyed the black market. RMT is still lucrative via power leveling, honor farming, carries and so on. Further, tokens do NOTHING to combat hacks, exploits, bots or cheats.


Spot on Bodicca.

Mkali? I guess you havent seen trade chat recently on retail. It has overtaken by the gold sellers offering runs for raids and the whatnot. It has become so bad, I had to turn off trade chat.