Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

You are such a naive kid, it’s hilarious


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I have been getting in game mail from reporting bots stating that my reports led to bans.

They’re 100% banning bots and hackers.

The issue is they don’t have the staff needed to keep up. Botting and hacking is out of control now. They need in game GM’s again to even make a dent in whats going on.

He is naive for stating facts?

I was never affected by botting like I have been on official.


This is a big part of our problem. I don’t think anyone is watching anymore. I honestly feel like I could install a fly hack and go un-noticed for weeks.


To be fair we don’t have all the facts about how many hacks Blizzard is dealing with and what kinds. My guess is that the ones you find on a simple search engine only scratches the surface on what kinds of hacks there are going on in the game.

I discovered through a simple google search that your hacks are undetectable if you run a virtual machine on your computer

Apparently some people are switching layers to insta kill zg bosses over and over again to loot 33g per

That’s a video taken on a PS with admin powers.

Do you have any proof? I didn’t know private servers have layering. Thought that was new as of legion

Neither does classic

Yes classic does have layering. there is blue posts on it

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Yes, the fact that the very cringey video creator was “hopping layers” to kill the boss over and over, while the corpses of the bats on the ground didn’t disappear with each “layer swap.”

That’s because he wasn’t hopping layers, he was using admin powers on a PS to spawn the boss over and over.

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That’s because people are frustrated with the status quo and Blizzard’s inability to effect meaningful changes for them.

When players come to the forums and hyperbolically complain about bots saying things like:

“Does Blizzard allow botting?”
“Does Blizzard even ban bots?”

They are not actually questioning whether botting is allowed or whether Blizzard bans bots.

Those people are expressing their frustration (in a passive-aggressive manner) that the situation for them has not changed significantly enough in a positive way to be appreciated.

Ex. People complain about rampant botting… many herb and thorium veins being botted. People complain about bots abusing fly hacks for literally weeks. People complain about submitting reports for bots…and then monitoring those bots to see that it takes (at times) 3-4+ weeks if not more for bots to be banned.

Kaivax pops into the forums and responds to people’s hyperbolic complaining by essentially saying:

‘I know people in customer service and the anti-hack division who are working really hard on enforcing the rules and banning bots. We banned XXX Thousand bots recently etc’. - ie. Kaivax is replying to the complaining saying:

“Guys, we are working on this. We are trying really hard. Keep reporting bots and helping us police the game.”

The crux of the problem isn’t whether Blizzard ‘is trying’ or 'whether they are banning bots ’ or not. The crux of the problem is that what Blizzard is doing is not an effective enough long-term solution as evidenced by continued widespread botting and the community being able to document it over the course of months.

There are two issues at hand here. The community is at times toxic towards the community managers and the developers and that makes them disengage.

In contrast, the community managers and the developers have not provided adequate solutions to long-standing reported issues. Telling somebody over and over again that you are ‘trying hard / working on it’ does not equate to solving a problem.

We are not really asking whether their current ‘is trying’. We are telling them for a protracted period ‘Whatever you are doing is not having enough of an effect - do something different to combat the problem’.

What we keep hearing is ‘We are trying’ but the situation for many players hasn’t changed appreciably on their end.

Ultimately what will happen is players will either live with Blizzard’s inability to fix problems within a game they have complete dominion over…or they will stop giving this company money and not use their products.

I’d stopped playing WoW for years prior to Classic because my assessment (as a consume) was that Blizzard was not solving ‘problems’ within the game that mattered to me and were affecting my engagement.

Whether or not I buy/play TBC or give them money for future products hinges largely on my assessment of whether they will be able to be effective problem solvers going forward.

I’m personally not very impressed with what I’ve seen in Classic from the developers.


…that is awful. I wondered why some no geared 60s with random names were in zg and never logged off

No it wasn’t. That is not a private server. I had a meeting with Blizzard IRL (Friends&Family perk and my old name is quite relevant.) to discuss pool boosting and all the legal dangers that mafia poses to the game. Character was rolled back obviously and weeks later pool boosters were banned and those that benefitted from the free ranking of only needing to play 1 day a week for r14 on Skeram was also stripped.

Does no one remember videos of layer swapping in UBRS, BRD, and druids doing it to farm their 2 hander in Gnomergan back in the day? That was still possible and hence why Blizzard deleted layers shortly after the video went up.

But whatever man, keep “coping” that it was a pserver. I wish it was man. Have you not seen the vids on reddit of flyhackers and teleport hackers that just insta-teleport on top of black lotus? I bet those are pservers too, right?

Edit: I want to point out while I’m here that people think the mass rogue bots hitting up BRD are just pickpocketing. That is wrong. They are NOT pickpocket bots. They use custom mpq’s to swim their way directly behind the coffer vaults and loot the chests inside. It’s hundreds of gold per 5 resets per character times 100+. Yeah they get banned but not before some dadgamer buys up the gold. It’s really wrecking the economy but at this point I’ve stopped caring.

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Your video was recorded on a PS with admin powers. Please explain why the corpses of the bats remained on the ground after you “swapped layers.” When swapping layers, corpses of mobs you killed don’t swap with you.

What a joke.

Yeah with the old method where you’d just get invited sure the corpses would go away but that was fixed so you have to send packets to do the layer swap which is what the hack does. I didn’t write the hack so I can’t tell you why the corpses remain. Go ask -ONSLAUGHT- on Skeram. They wrote the program.

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Yeah, of course you wouldn’t have a way of explaining it because it doesn’t exist. I could instantly tell by the cringe narration of that video that it was setup to create a false narrative to get you some attention.

I really hope no one is so gullible to believe anything you wrote here.

Why are you defending pool boosting and botting? “It doesn’t exist bro” there’s proof everywhere. You can keep denying it though. I wish it was fake man. I really do. :frowning:

I live in a van. There’s no way I’d pay for servers to fake a video. Don’t be silly.

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