Silenced for no legitimate reason

Unsilence my account ingame or refund me I dont care which. One o the other at this stage

Last resort will to be consult with a lawyer. Yes over 70 bucks

If you want a silence reviewed, you need to appeal.

We do not do refunds for account actions - especially ones that allow you to continue to play.


Ive appealed and yes if you do not unsilence me I will be expecting a refund and you can keep the acct as I do NOT have accessibility to what I paid for, especially do to unjust behavior from other players who at this stage I would consider ‘griefing behavior’

I will contest charges. Capitol One is good about that. This is first option…

You have what you paid for - access to the servers.

Silence means you replied to them, and used inappropriate language. A GM then looked at your chat log and agreed that what you said was inappropriate.

“Griefing” just means that someone else is doing something that you don’t like. It doesn’t make what they are doing against the rules. If it was against the rules then you should have reported them and not tried commenting to them.


Well, that would be fraud, but you do you, Hen.

As to your appeal, it is open. Looking at this, there are apparently problems with some of the content of your guild recruitment - as well as you being a bit spammy about it.

Being silenced does not prevent you from play.


Just to touch on this;

Banks like to look into reasons why, namely going to the folks whom you’re doing those and ask them about such. Most banks don’t blindly do it to not get themselves in hot water.


You are on a public forum, Hen - anyone can post here and reply.

A forum - that by the way, is primarily a player helping player forum.

Please refrain from such comments on our boards.


Judging by what you said in general discussion, you said a couple of inappropriate things in chat and spamming a recruiting message over trade. What did you expect was gonna happen?


Saying in a guild ad " No SJWs please" is NOT something to be silenced over

you seem to be ignoring the part about being spammy.


This is a CS forum not General. I disagree.
Refund my money please. You can have the account

Blizzard thought so. It is inflammatory.


…Well, let’s see what the GM’s thinks about this phrase then. :man_shrugging:

I mean they already did, but it would be nice to have confirmation on that.


You may wish to read the stickied post on this forum to find out what it is for - and how it works.

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You are trying to stifle the expression of free speech of people in your guild. Then you dare to complain that your free speech was impinged upon when you got silenced.

Good luck with this one, Orlyia!


The way you talk makes me strongly feel the silence was heavily deserved.


I did not spam any channel. Ive played the game for 15 years, I know what spam is and I did NOT spam by typical definition. Spam is a double meaning word btw. I advertised but it was timed by long periods. In trade at least 5-10mins apart and I rarely even did in trade.

It had nothing to do with my ‘spam’. It was 'The No SJWs please" that got everyones panties in a bunch. People use to melt down over it in chat. I had people make an alt with a name like mine to mock me over it. They got really upset over the No SJW thing.

So I was the subject of a targeted harassment campaign by SJWs They used a poorly designed heavily flawed and abused system by Blizzard to do it. Blizzard gave tools to trolls to censor accounts they do not like.

Can we lock this thread already? I don’t think this discussion is going anywhere good and the OP has already been given a multiple solid answers.


I just want a refund so I dont have to call my bank to contest the charges

Nooooooooo stahp