Sidereal in phase 4

My understanding is that the new Sidereal Essence will trade 1:1 for the current Sidereal.

This is hella grindy if people still could use Sidereal gear like Dark Matter or those priesty shoulders.

Could we have the old Sidereal as an additional reward from the daily regular dungeon quest? Two would be great!

Also: can anyone say if there are other means of acquiring Primordial Saronite, besides killing raid bosses?–like how we can purchase Crusader Orbs for three sidereals. Wowhead does not indicate that those can be purchased with Emblems of Frost.

Current system on ptr is just fine.

The new sidereal drops from every boss, which will naturally make it faster to buy the older gear.

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Oh it’s from every boss, very nice.

I think this only applies to the new P4 dungeons (PoS, FoS, HoR). Original dungeons aren’t dropping anything except triumph badges. I did VH Gamma today (after npc implementation) and it still did not drop sidereal or scourgestones.

Yes, the new loot tables have not been implemented yet in gamma dungeons, but they will behave just like the ICC ones.

I understand loot tables haven’t been updated my post was to your response that sidereals drop from every boss which is not the case on PTR

Oh yeah, they drop from the H ICC dungeons, which blizzard has stated will drop additional loot similar to gamma dungeons, without being made more difficult or given extra mechanics.

For all intents and purposes, the ICC dungeons ARE gamma dungeons, without the tag.

Continuing the discussion from Wrath Classic 3.4.3 PTR Development Notes:

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Hope we can get a clarification on if sidereal essence will also be dropping off every boss in alpha/beta as well. I didn’t see anything about that in the new notes. Might be a little cynical of me to think this, but I worry people will enforce skip runs in alpha/beta by vote kicking people who don’t agree to it.

Maybe Blizzard wants Gamma queueable from a relatively low ilvl so alpha/beta are pretty much obsolete, but being able to directly queue alpha/beta in RDF makes me think otherwise.

you can buy sidereal essences with scourgestones at apparently a 1:1 conversion so no need to run Beta

Yeah, anyone running Alpha and Beta still will probably need the gear drops. Anyone just there for sidereals are going straight to Gamma.

I might do a couple tours of Alpha and Beta myself for the achievements.


Very excited for the new conversion opportunity!

Yeah, anyone running Alpha and Beta still will probably need the gear drops. Anyone just there for sidereals are going straight to Gamma.

This is very true, and actually clears everything up for me lol. So thanks!

Apparently Sidereals still drop off of the last boss too, so you can get some filler gear while you’re grinding out Plaguestones/gear.

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