Sick of Faerlina? Looking for small army... to transfer

Are you sick of queues on Faerlina? Tired of the streamer fanboys? Love to world PvP against a superior force?

Well I have an opportunity for you!

Horde on Incendius need your help! Let’s make Incendius great again!

Not gonna lie. Horde side is absolutely dead, and the server appears to be 99.5% Alliance. If you do a /who 60-70 there are generally not even 50 people online on Horde. This is why we need a small army to transfer here. If we had a few active guilds transfer here it would be amazing.

Faerlina has free transfers to Incendius right now! Just give yourself some time to ponder all the opportunities that await you! Cheers!


Bump. Please come save us, because blizzard is too lazy/greedy to help at all.

bumpin for the server <3

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Last chance to come to Horde side to fight the Alliance! FOR THE HORDE!!!