Sick of 300 healers vs our 1

Look; enough is enough–etiher get rid of healing in bgs all together or force people into some sort of role queue and make the matches even. Losing a random BG simply b/c the other team has more healers is so old at this point. It really is. We’ve been complaining about this since the game started…WHY wont you do something about it?


What do you mean, jelly bean? We already do match healers in non-epic random bgs.

i’m not talkikng about those…i’m leveling and yes there is apoint to be made about requiring a role queue or capping the amount of roles in ANY of the bgs to make them even…its possible.
I am tired of losing BG’s ONLY b/c the alliance has 10 healers and we’re lucky to have even 1 and no, i dont want to play a healer…been there done that.

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Levelling bgs don’t matter

Just get to max level

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This is what they do at endgame. The leveling brackets, Blizz doesn’t really care about. You’ve got the syncers, pseudo-twinks, all that crap. You’re honestly probably better off just leveling the normal way until around mid-60’s and then queueing to bank honor for 70.

I love solo healing bgd

The solution to any problem involving healers is to play your own.


Helpful responses are helpful, non-helpful ones arne’t helpful.
There are so manythings this company specifcally skips out on doing just to make queue times faster.
Dont want a slow queue? dont queue as a healer when your faction has 3248932849028 of them. The rest of us can actually play the game and have a chance at winning. That or there is a cap on how much healing one player can get from another or they can only be healed by one healer at a time.

This actually made a lot of sense.

Oh, wait a sec. Hmmm.

Leveling bgs aside, this is absolutely something that needs to happen at max level.

It’s always a hunter complaining about the healing, every time, without fail. Just roll a healer or don’t complain about there not being any healers.

I mean, he’s not complaining about a lack of healers though; he’s complaining about healer inequity in queues.

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