Shuriken Combo Prune Better Be Fake

(Alvaroj) #41

It doesn’t get better and better with more add, its cap at 5 add 40% extra damage to eviscerate

(Naros) #42

They did exactly the same with Mark of Ursol for Guardian druids in Nighthold.

So many people complained or pointed out that it supposedly gave an unfair advantage and rather than adjust the fight or make the spell less useful on that encounter, Blizzard simply removes the ability all together.

Blizzard set the ground rules when they removed Mark of Ursol back then and if anyone doesn’t think Blizzard won’t do that again with community or data feedback, you’re in for a rude awakening.

(Heaton) #43

I think the situation is slightly different because Sub is only strong on ONE type of fight whereas guardian reigned supreme as the #1 tank for everything for the majority of Legion.

(Turbocharged) #44

Its sad that certain class/specs have been giving feedback for months and months without a change but Rogues blow up the forums with a single “Shuriken Combo Prune Better Be Fake” post, and Blizz turns around and immediately increases the damage right before the patch release.

Im not upset Rogues are getting that tiny buff, what pisses me off is there are huge glaring problems with other specs that should be immediately corrected but have continued to be ignored since Alpha.

Im starting to really think there is a “dartboard of class design” but 75% of the target space is for certain class/specs. =P


Hey look, Subtlety is still ridiculously good on Zul and your gameplay experience has not been altered or degraded in any way:

(Hicksey) #46

great, what about every other aoe situation in the game now and in the future?


Where they’re still good?

(Humanity) #48

“I think the part that you’re missing here, is removing Shuriken Combo doesn’t kill Subtlety AoE.”

You must be severely lacking reading comprehension if you think that what bothers me is the nerf. I said several times, but you seem to be having difficulties so I’ll say it again: by all means adjust the skill. Fix it, nerf it, do whatever you must. Deleting it, however, is simply bypassing any sort of actual thought or effort in order to get rid of yet another tool in a game that has already been severely pruned.

Simply deleting the whole thing as opposed to working in order to fix it is lazy. Are you incapable of comprehending that or are you pretending? What kind of warped logic must you apply in your head in order to actually believe that deleting the whole thing takes effort as opposed to working on the skill?

(Surge) #49
  1. Removing a passive that has no impact on gameplay isn’t the same sort of “prune” as removing actual abilities is, so I’m not sure why you guys keep trying to focus on this semantic argument as if it’s going to win you anything.

  2. Subtlety is still “too good” at this niche even with Shuriken Combo gone entirely, so how do you realistically propose keeping it in the game? Making it a negative percentage?

(Tewa) #50

Only on the WoW forums is 1/3 of an expansion a majority.

The top raid tank in Tomb of Sargeras and again in Antorus was Death Knight.

(Heaton) #51

are you sure?

(Tewa) #52

Are you trying to be funny? That’s a sample size of 35 kills on 1 boss. And before the change to intermission 2 that made bringing DK’s so popular on KJ.

Number of parses per tank class in Antorus, during the entirety of the tier:
Death Knight: 12,239
Druid: 6,747

That isn’t just Aggramar skewing the numbers, either. Select any fight and you’ll see Death Knights MASSIVELY ahead of all other tanks.

On Aggramar, of course, Death Knights were ahead of all other tanks combined.

(Nariala) #53

If Elitist Jerks or Method doesn’t approve, It gets axed because thats all blizzard is developing for now.