Shuriken Combo Prune Better Be Fake

(Humanity) #21

Amazing how you defend laziness. Or are you going to say simply deleting it was the path that took actual thought as opposed to figuring out how to adjust it?

About 17 months, it can easily feel like 2 years due to how close it actually is. Feel free to nitpick though.

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The point of me bringing up the 17 months thing is your post (and probably in your mind) you made it seem like Shuriken Combo was this LOOONNGG established mechanic that has been here for YEARS and EXPANSIONS! Crazy they’d remove such a long standing mechanic that’s been established as good for the spec and the game, right?!?

You were creating a narrative that didn’t exist.

Also, it will be exactly 16 months, 12 days from 7.2.5 launch to 8.1 launch, so I really don’t see how this is anywhere near close to 2 years.

Additionally, what you’re asking in, “figuring out how to adjust it” is exactly what they’re doing. They’re effectively reducing the additional damage per target down to 0%. And guess what? Subtlety will still be leaps and bounds ahead of other specs on aoe -> st cleave funneling. It’s a recently added passive damage mod that has EXACTLY ZERO gameplay complexity or rotational impact since you’re already using Shuriken Storm to generate more CP long before combo was added.

In order to keep Shuriken Combo in the game AND reduce the absolutely absurd funneling power that Subtlety has today, they’d have to go after other things, like reducing the amount of CP that Shuriken Storm itself can generate since thats by far the more powerful part of this equation. Or they can reduce the power of Eviscerate.

I think the part that you’re missing here, is removing Shuriken Combo doesn’t kill Subtlety AoE. Not by a long shot - it’s still going to be absurdly powerful. It’s like you think that this is all Subtlety has and by removing it, sub is dead. You’re overreacting over what is quite frankly, not a large enough nerf.

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I find this hilarious because Sub is already one of the less played specs because of how hard it is to gear for right now. Blizz is basically doing everything they can to force people to play outlaw.

(Alvaroj) #25

I understand your point in the special case of zul yes sub will be first place but adding 2% more of ap scaling in ss and removing the the bonus damage in evesirate it’s not a good trade. It’s a nerf so in dungeon you are not going to be as effective.

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I’m just waiting for the day when Blizzard says “Well if people tested the PTR/Beta like we expected them too we would have known about this issue and could have fixed it before release” :money_with_wings::chart_with_downwards_trend::hourglass_flowing_sand:

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ironically enough I recall them saying something about “not enough feedback” during one of the Q&As lol, cant remember what it was about though


This seems like an impulsive, aggressive change. Why not just say 10-20% chance per target hit with fan of knives to generate an extra combo point? why 0%?

(Reese) #29

The problem isn’t that they are just removing Shuriken Combo. They aren’t adding anything new to the classes. Its part of a pattern.

They are afraid of homogenization by giving classes everything. But they have the opposite problem now; homogenization by taking everything away.

(Sím) #30

I wouldnt say its a fear of homogenization. Its a fear that they cannot make a fight around lots of adds with a boss at a same time fight because then people will just Class/Spec stack Sub Rogues again.

People during Mythic Zul progression we’re already whining because that was the only “accepted” strat, but bringing a bunch of alt sub Rogues got “punished” by getting loot.

(Reese) #31

That is completely nonsensical tbh. When Mythic Aggramar was relevant, they didn’t remove Gorefiend’s Grasp because you needed 1-2 Blood DKs with the commonly accepted strat. And they still make fights with some add control like Zek’voz.

This is a unique mechanic that was exclusive to Sub Rogues just like Gorefriend’s Grasp is exclusive to Blood DKs. It shouldn’t have been removed without being replaced by something similar.

(Gurthäng) #32

Except that Gorefiends grasp does no damage and does not get better and better with the more adds are stacked around you.

(Reese) #33

Shuriken Combo doesn’t do damage either. It’s just a passive buff. :wink:

(Gurthäng) #34

You know what i meant, 0 influence on damage with Gorefiends.

(Turnberry) #35

This is horribly untrue. Just because the damage isn’t coming from the ability or the DK doesn’t mean there is no damage increase because of the spell.

On Zek for example, with Gorefiends the small adds are going to die significantly faster then without Gorefiends. Also groups with a mass grip take significantly less damage from those adds. So yes, Gorefiends does have a huge effect on damage.

(Sím) #36

But Gorefiends isn’t the only spell like that. A DemonHunter can achieve the same effect, a monks ring of peace and Druids Ursols Vortex manipulate the adds positioning as well.

(Turnberry) #37

And shuriken combo isn’t the only ablility where aoe improves single target damage. Ret paladins have a talent that buffs Judgement when they divine storm a number of targets, Aff locks benefit from multi dotting to generate shards for single target.

(Gurthäng) #38

Yes and that benefits everyone and still has 0 direct damage influence.

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Oh yes it can, I can’t play my class on my cell phone yet…

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Bump. I don’t play rogue but this is crap. Letting top guilds progress on a boss like Zul then taking away the tool they ALL used to get past the fight without addressing the fight itself is total BS.