Shuriken Combo Prune Better Be Fake

(Failedwizard) #1

If you seriously thought pruning another ability for no apparent reason was the right thing to do then you guys have rocks in your head. I don’t want to be against you but you give me no reason to defend you and every reason to lose all faith in you as a team.

Get in here and address the players’ concerns, no one trusts you guys anymore, they hate playing every single class in the game. Losing abilities IS NOT FUN, PERIOD.

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(Failedwizard) #3

Mythic Zul is not a valid reason to prune an entire ability several months after the encounter was released, you either do nothing or you modify the spell, you don’t outright remove it just because of one encounter.


Except that one encounter exemplified the issueswith Subtlety having multiple scale factors for target count.

Their AoE -> Single Target funneling will still be absurdly powerful since they’ll still generate max CP every shuriken storm. As much fun as it is, either other specs need to be brought up to that level or Subtlety needs to be nerfed. Guess which one is way more practical?

(Failedwizard) #5

Except my issue isn’t with buffs or nerfs here, my issue is with pruning to take the lazy option when the better answer lies in capping Shuriken Combo. This game can’t take another round of pruning at this point.


You mean like how it’s currently capped at 5 targets?

Eliminate Shuriken Combo, and Subtlety rogues are still the best Single Target damage at 5 targets, easily. It made a lot of sense in Legion when ability balance was a lot different but is obviously way too powerful and will forever limit encounter design as long as it exists as is.

It needed to go.


This will kill sub in m+.

(Xoja) #8

Pruning is a joke, especially when they do it mid-expansion. Maybe if they properly tested things this expansion stuff like this wouldn’t happen.

(Failedwizard) #9

No captain obvious, I mean cap it sooner.

You’re defending pruning, take a step back and think about that for a moment. You are part of the problem.

(Tewa) #10

1 fight is easier because of Shuriken Combo, Blizzard removes it.

Dozens and dozens of fights made easier because of Gorefiend’s Grasp, and Blizzard does nothing.

(Nightblade) #11

The dumb part is Zul will soon be a previous-tier boss.

(Dreadfury) #12

Literally this. Every tier it felt like I had to force myself to go Blood for some reason after they pruned it from the other DK specs because Blizzard is so adamant about designing fights with this crap in mind.

(Wilmage) #13

It would help if any of you knew anything about what you’re complaining about. They removed the passive from the spellbook and put it in the shuriken storm tooltip. Log into the ptr before you run your mouth. Then realize for 2 sec you’re playing the class that is strong to overpowered in every facet of the game.


Not true. I’m guessing you don’t actually know what shuriken combo is. There are websites that list abilities, if you get confused again.

Or perhaps you have a different version of the PTR than everyone else. In any case, thank you for blessing us with your insight.

People that “run their mouths” about things they don’t know anything about are indeed annoying. People that spread misinformation are also quite annoying.

In future discussions, I would recommend you focus on topics you know something about, if there are any.

(Brujanna) #15

Shuriken Combo cripples balancing single target damage for sub in any other circumstance, which makes the spec of limited use in most cases, which is unfun for fans of sub. Constraining it allows for other numbers to be buffed, which I think the spec needs, because as things stand, the other two specs dominate it.

(Olluul) #16

Honestly I can see why it needs to be removed, as it kind of limits them from doing fights like Zul in the future and can be cheesed too hard in mythic+ sometimes. However, as usual, the problem with BFA is they take away the fun stuff and give nothing fun to compensate. Blizz removing it and giving nothing in it’s place yet does not breed confidence with less than 2 weeks left on PTR… Wouldn’t be surprised at all if they get nothing and they just get to have no niche and suck at AoE for a patch or two. Sadly this is how pretty much all of BFA has gone, things removed, little to nothing fun put in it’s place.

(Heaton) #17

The problem with them removing it is there is no other reason to play sub. People brought sub for Zul or high M+ keys (not all but a good amount of the dungeons) was because they could use this passive to their advantage. Now it will be 100% assassination for everything.

The spec actually feels good when there’s multiple mobs otherwise it feels like you use 2 globals and you have to sit there waiting for your energy to regen.

(Beefköw) #18

I’m surprised sub and outlaw didn’t get any positive changes, their representation in M+, raiding, pvp, and overall content are extremely low.

(Humanity) #19

Honestly, if left as it is right now this solution is extremely lazy.

Shuriken Combo has been here for quite a while and it has always been a unique and fun mechanic to use. Not to mention that before Zul, there was not even one fight where this class mechanic actually broke anything. So then comes 1 fight, and I do mean 1 (one) fight, where a mechanic that has been here for years suddenly fits way better than it should and the solution is to DELETE it? For real? How lazy can developing get? Because I feel like this is the pinnacle of laziness.

God forbid they actually think and decide to adjust the fight or adjust the skill in a way that it is no longer godlike in this particular extreme scenario. God forbid they put some work. Obviously the easiest solution is to delete the skill altogether.


Shuriken Combo was added on patch 7.2.5, on July 29th, 2017. Rounding up, that will make 17 months. You can’t even apply the plural “years” to that amount of time.

Additionally, they still gain a combo point for every target struck so their ability to funnel additional targets into more single target damage will still be by far the best on 3-5 targets. The sky isn’t falling, Sublety will still be absurdly good at this type of scenario.

And this mechanic was super strong on more than one fight. In Tomb of Sargeras you had Harjatan, Mistress and Desolate Host. Shuriken Combo made Subtlety a desirable and top tier spec for those fights but it was fine because they weren’t doing quite literally 2-3x the amount of boss damage as every other spec in the raid.

Remove Shuriken Combo, and Subltety will still be super powerful at Zul. Ya’ll are overreacting massively here.