Shu'Halo: Return to your roots!

A number of us from VeCo are forming an all-Tauren guild over on Deviate Delight.

All Tauren of good character and strong heart are welcome!

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We’ve established Thunderhoof Tribe over on DD now. Calling “Tribe” to differentiate between VeCo Thoof and DD Thoof.

Look for any member to get an invite.

We’ve run into some folks I haven’t seen in many years, and it is a LOT of fun. So many Tauren running about Mulgore; we’re already looking forward to epic XRoads battles.

And no queue-times!

Aovi is so young again!

For The Herd!

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Just an update:

We’ve gathered 60+ Shu’Halo of good character together and have been having more fun than The Earthmother usually allows. A good core of returning Thoofers and others from DreadHorde guilds, as well as a healthy dose of brand new members.

We have also begun to reach out to other guilds, both Ally and Horde to form some WPVP bonds. There are a couple of Tauren-centric guilds starting, which should make for some interesting RP.

Our first RP event takes place this Saturday evening, around 730PM CST. The tribe will be pledging it’s loyalty and service to The Bloodhoof Nation, sharing in the evening’s Fire Ritual, and enjoying a small feast. The feast is probably going to be a lot of Spice Bread, given our cooking skills, but food is food.

I’ll quit bumping this, but wanted to give another update to our progress, and to invite anyone–Thoofer or not–to come join in on the fun.

We’ve grown now to 120 characters over 90 accounts. We’ve been getting established in the community, being a part of WPVP events and inter-guild RP. Not only is Thunderhoof growing, the community in general on DD has a very similar vibe to it as VeCo did back in it’s prime.

We have characters across many levels, and despite there being no guild bank in Classic, we’ve done pretty well in being able to get new and leveling characters the basic character comforts (bags, mats, gear). New Tauren are finding their way to Thunderhoof every day.

Come help us write this alternate timeline!