Shrine of the Storm needs to be Fixed

(Varsity) #1

Since the last boss nerf it’s incredibly difficult to time the key above a 16. The third boss also has a visual bug that causes the lines connecting you to the orbs to not despawn even after the mind control player clears the orbs, and sometimes invisible orbs kill people


Agreed. I don’t get why it was nerfed in the first place, that boss is broken now, takes forever to kill that shiet.

(Glowshot) #3

Shrine is overtuned and needs to be looked at.

(Taree) #4

Oh! I experienced this last night. I could not figure out where my “real” orb was because every single line was leading into the floor, and I had like 4 or 5 lines. What a frustrating mess that fight was.


While you’re at it overhaul the visuals on the second fight so the giant swiftcast aoe doesn’t cover the markers for where the tornadoes spawn.


The last boss has something like 10 million HP to clear on Tyrannical 15 between it and the phase adds. In a group with an Outlaw that did 22k dps over the instance (wtf? gg class/spec balance), a DH at 18k, and me at 17k, we got to the last boss at about 10m.

We cleared with only 2:20 or so left, so that’s a 5-6 min fight where you have to lock down both phase adds or you may not have the dps to win at all if the healer has to cleanse the debuff every time. This requires the janky ‘1 melee kicks early, ranged kicks non-focus add, early kicker runs to nonfocus add to catch the next cast, pray you kill focus add before 3rd cast and/or tank arrives to kick’ strategy which turns into a disaster easily if the ranged has to move a lot, has poor burst, or it is explosive week.

That on top of the second boss means you are almost required to take 2 melee for interrupts unless you have a Shaman healer or ranged, and 3 might not be a bad idea.

(Varsity) #7

thats really not busted for an outlaw rogue on teeming week if they get good rolls. they make up for it with typically lower boss dmg.

but yeah, the last boss has insane amounts of health.

pre 8.1 when the buff could go on the whole party, the healthpool was manageable with good gameplay to beat the timer on 17+, but now your group needs to be flawless and the entire group needs to be blazing dps to burn through the dungeon and bosses fast enough


The 2 good outlaw rogues I’ve run with were both top damage by a margin, and burst for ludicrous amounts on the high rolls. Boss damage was maybe a little lacking in comparison, but it’s still equal to me and the the occasional 60k 5 or 6 roll burst is just dumb.

Maybe I’m bad, or my experiences are skewed though. I haven’t been grinding score much since 8.1 aside from a burst last week to get my meta.

(Baltysalls) #9

With alot of adds, blade flurry, adrenaline rush, with a good roll and the right traits the numbers fly.

(Varsity) #10

I finished a shrine17 earlier, almost textbook perfect run, 2 deaths overall, myself at 20k dps overall and the mage at 22k dps overall (rogue a little below at 18k dps overall) still missed the timer by about a minute.

This dungeon is so pitifully overtuned.