Shrediron's Shredder still not upgradeable?

Is there really no way to upgrade this anymore?


What? Why would you expect a gun from three expansions ago to be upgradeable, and as fast as you level through, why would you care?

You can’t get the transmog without the upgrades.

I think all you need to make the upgraded version now is 100 Gearspring Parts and a Relic of the Past V (250g on the AH on my server).

If you aren’t an engineer, the engineer can make Gearspring parts in the Engineering Workship in the Garrison, but that takes time.

There’s a purchase path. Five each of either Blackrock Ore, Talador Orchid, Sumptuous Fur, Raw Beast Hide or Draenic Dust buys one Primal Spirit. Five Primal Spirit buys one Gearspring Parts. So, 2,500 of those mats, to get 500 Primal Spirit (soulbound) so the Engineer can buy 100 Gearspring Parts (soulbound).

ETA: Heh. I forgot the traders that let you buy primals with mats are random spawn. You have to either have the mats for the one that’s there that day or wait for him/her to show up.

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oh? Im going to check that out, Thank you for the heads up!

Note, I added to my post above.

do you know if this just changes the ilvl or does it change the rank too?

There’s 3 ranks to the Shredder. Each changes the appearance as well as the Ilvl.
There are 2, or maybe 3 enhancers that can be added, oglethorps missile-splitter is one, I don’t recall the other, a mastery buff, I think. You can also apply Didi’s delicate assembly? to change secondary specs.


i would really like to see this fixed

This was brought up multiple times throughout the beta, by players and streamers, and I think a wowhead article(?) from last fall
Actiblizzard must be aware of it.

Actually saved up some gear spring parts and made the one with Relic of the Past V. Unfortunately, it retains the model of the low-level gun.

Is that one of the draenor crafted items with 2 upgrades and 3 separate mogs? Used savage bloods or something.

If so, I remember a post saying that they were aware of the content deletion because of the squish to 60 and the solution would be to add those lost mogs through other items.

Now if they actually did that?

No idea, I haven’t tracked it or randomly seen anything about it, duno. They seem to be understaffed/supported atm so this easily could be something that was dumped. Or, like someone added above, maybe there’s still an upgrade path.

Hi. Yes, the Shredder is a WoD crafted item, with SIX levels.
I don’t remember all the ins and outs of it, but I went through all the hoops to craft this, actually, to have it crafted for me, and upgraded.
As the gun goes through the levels, it’s appearance changes. I think the upgraded appearance is what some are after. Appearances aside, It was a great gun to equip! Still is, for a fresh to Draenor Hunter.
Upgrading, idano. It doesn’t look good. Maybe Chromie time?
Anymore, with a lvl 3 engineering building, I can make lvl 1 Shedders for 100 gearspring parts. I didn’t know there was a market for them. Maybe I’ll be able to give a Hunter or two a boost up.