Shoutout to Blizzard for fixing Solo Shuffle leavers issue

Whenever there is a leaver, we now get auto pushed through the rounds to the end and finishes the match, instead of just giving us measly 100 consolation, it now gives us full rewards.

Shoutout to Blizzard for fixing this fast. Blizzard really turning things around.


I thought people were saying this happens before as well only it’s random if they are the winners or the losers? I just want to be sure they actually fixed it and it wasn’t just chance that you were on the winning end.

ya i think is a goodjob bc now if a leave , u can still getta fun

Yeah it wasn’t actually fixed… now the rounds keep going and you chain lose if you are on the team of 2.

pretty sure this is a bug and not a fix, its super annoying when it happens

how does auto-losing the 2 man team make for full rewards

make the remaining 1-5 players win out imo, but also just disband it immediately and not make ppl stand there in waiting rooms

man guys, i dont know what’s going on anymore LMAO…

this **** is ****ed up

Pretty solid change too.


wb applying this to skirms and ladders

i should reroll mahjong or chess

I wouldn’t say give the remaining players “wins”, because then they get rewards for time they didn’t spend.

It should be a simple algorithm: you get a flat honor reward per round played, plus a bonus per round won. Since the players don’t have to play the last games, just dont count them into the equation. It makes sense if I only play 3 of the 6 rounds I get half the rewards for playing half of the time a full 6 rounds would take.

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Red onions are actually purple.

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Once its implemented in the game as rated, leaving will be much more punitive and obviously mmr on top of it.

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thats one rationale, another is that the players never got a chance to win the remaining rounds so just give them the pts - an innocent until proven guilty kind of thing

esp when dps queues are long af even for horde during primetime and there is no option to insta-q an exhibition arena so the curve to get geared + l2p is obscenely prohibitive

arena doesnt have the momentum to gate, it needs to leave the door wide open to the tens of millions of pve players that have previously been turned away or scared off

i would be surprised is WoW has 3 mill sub’s

This is not fixed if anything it’s worse
Someone leaves you insta loose if you’re in the group of 2 , Hardly fair

Kid’s these days , Don’t want to work for anything just want it handed to them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

referring to the collective of past and current pve players here, not just active subs

easily tens of millions that never saw the gates drop

this isn’t work, there are no kids here anymore, and most don’t have the time or the will to break all the barriers to entry, so just drop them imho