Should you ask mages for water on BGs?

Ive let many a mage die because of this. I’m glad someone else agrees


ask for water, if the ignore you, suggest they might be an afk bot

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I asked a mage for water once in AV and his response was “Sure, I’ll give you water. I wish my queue wasn’t over an hour long to not give time to ask a mage in Org for some water. Transfer off your server if it’s so dead that there would be no mage to sell you water”
Something along those lines, put it in perpective for me. Now if I queue Av, i can get like 6 stacks for 1g within seconds.

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See, I don’t agree with someone neglecting to heal someone and purposely refusing to play their class at the expense of their own team.

I’m a Warrior, I don’t need a Mages food, I make my own food and supply myself with the things needed in a BG. Others should be more self-sufficient and not rely so heavily on Mages to supply them with things easily attainable in the game.

Sure, ask nicely and maybe get some food/water, I get it. But when 20 some odd people ask for it every game you can’t expect a mage to fulfill that role.

TLDR; Healers refusing to heal people if they do not get FREE water makes them bad players, and that’s a retail mindset that needs to die.

TLDR2; Play your class properly or don’t play at all.

Mmmm I like being the devils advocate.

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Kind of an interesting take when the premise is a healer should heal everyone they are able to without being asked nicely, ie playing their class; whereas a class that has a skill to craft water/food to help their team not using said skill when asked nicely is acceptable.


I have asked for water a couple of times, I dont always do it unless I ran out and forgot to buy (have a 4 year old, so sometimes I hop on and just wanna do a BG and am soo focused on doing it to relax, I forget to make sure im stocked on water, arrows I always have extra of, but have also ran out of lol, im a bad hunter I guess) but if I dont get it, no worries I dont care that much, its a game, and when the match is over, I can get what I need then.

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I’m just real, you don’t have to like what I say.

I don’t disapprove, it just seems dissonant to think one class should use all their skills to assist while another shouldn’t.

I dont expect water, nor heals. However, both help the team achieve victory.

Sure. Granted, you should bring non mage water with you before hand to be prepared in case of no mage. But no reason a mage can’t make and trade some water while waiting for the gate to open. I wouldn’t bug one for water mid game though.

Im not offended, but it is annoying when people open trade and say nothing. You are in the wrong game if you cant /whisper the mage “hey can I get some water”. This isnt retail. If you cant be bothered to communicate I cant be bothered to help you.

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I cant get heals from a healer before the BG starts.

You can get buffs though.

And before the bg starts is when a mage would be producing water, ergo when mana conservation is irrelevant as oppose to getting heals mid game when mana is actually vital.

water takes more time and mana than healing, if you cant be bothered to come to the bg prepared I will assume you dont care enough in the first place. Get your water before the match. Come prepared or admit to being a drain on your team. Dont blame the mages for being unprepared for the thing you queued up for. We are not your vendor. We buff AI before the match. If they are not buffing then you can complain. Consumables are not a buff. Do warlocks have to hand out a stone to every one in the match?

Edit: maybe you dont have a mage, but I have a healer. I can make 80 - 100 water with a full mana bar. Thats 4-5 stacks. During the course of an hour long AV I use 2+ stacks. Now if every one comes with your mindset to the bg, how many people can I hand stacks out to? Why should I come prepared with your water when you can get it before the match?

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Ahh yes, the not-so-obvious macros. I would think any good Mage would give water to that.

What makes you think they are refusing to heal? They just refuse to heal the bad team mates and heal to better ones instead.

Mage limits your mana pool by not giving water, I’ll spend my mana pool on the warrior that’s diving, or the hunter/rogue that’s peeling from me.

Healing is a mana limited supply, and not providing water limits it further.


Nobody has to do anything. It’s simply helpful to the team when you do.

When I play my mage, I give out as much as possible to anyone that asks or opens a window. When I play my healer I try to bring water and if I don’t have water I ask, being that if I was on my mage the first thing I do is provide water.

You don’t have to do anything at all. But if you aren’t helping your team as much as possible in every way your class can, I personally consider you an inferior player. Just my opinion though, every is entitled to theirs.

See this is the disconnect, the question is “should you ask mages for water in bgs” and the answer is “come prepared” At no point do I NOT hand out water but the mindset being displayed here is “yes they are a vendor” so get on topic, no, you should come prepared for the BG and not be an entitled drain on the team.


I agree you should be prepared. Whether I was maining a mage at the time or another class, I’ve never felt someone asking me for water is entitled or a drain - it is literally one of my class abilities.

When I’m on my rogue if someone is out of flash/blinding/poison I’ll always trade them to same server teammates. That requires me to spend g and time.

But there are different degrees to how helpful people are, and how willing they are to be helpful. Like I said, if you feel it is somehow a drain that’s all good, I personally just disagree.

Good job with logical fallacies. Yes, health stones help. Your reductio absurdum is juvenile though, so ciao.