Should you ask mages for water on BGs?

The only time asking for water in a bg annoys me is when it’s literally in the middle of a fight. You’d think this wouldn’t happen, but it does.

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I tried this on my lock and was told siphon life doesnt count.

This game has gone to classism

Are you like other locks, who lich 99% more than they siphon?
It may not count then LOL

Ive had locks in instances lich themselves to death, and then yell Why dIDnT YoU HeAL mE???

Keep in mind, i’d already healed them probably 4 or 5 times as they continue to lich themselves silly

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Asking is always a lot nicer than opening a trade window unprompted. For some reason trade window opening not only closes every other window, it also interrupts and exits the chat box so you’re suddenly pressing hotkeys instead of typing.

It’s so bad I now have to block incoming trades in all bgs because ppl just open it up and close all my other windows/chat box out.

Anyway~ Mages are not a substitute for preparation or gold. Healers get water, and that’s it.


I come prepared, but mages like you don’t deserve a shield, dispel, renew or a peel from me. In fact, it would give me pleasure to watch you die next to me of a dot I could dispel. :wink:

If a mage is polite enough to give me water, it’s appreciated but not expected and my full arsonal is there to help when I can. Team players foster team spirit.


The peasants can get their water from IF bridge like everyone else :>


I think it is fine to ask.

I see providing Conjured Water and Food the same as Buffing.

It only helps the team to better performs all around.

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If you play a mage you should know to expect that.

If people ask politely and timely in wsg/ab then I dont mind giving out water. AV I dont/didnt give it out. The issue mages face with this is we often do this regularly for our raids and any dungeon groups because it is an expected contribution. The issue is the entitlement from people just expecting you to be the vending machine that has everything premade and free. Horde side, you have tons of queue time to get water from guildies or other random sources so stop expecting a mage to be raid buffing and handling out multiple stacks of water to everyone.

Also think some of these replies are fueled by people who dont like paying for water in cities. “they just click a button why do I have to pay”

I can buff one group before I need to drink. 9s for a sacred candle, and 8s for the water to mana up. 17s per group, and I usually get 4-5 groups done before it kicks off. Then I use atleast a stack of water during the BG(1g 60s). Add in some alterac mana pots. I still heal mages who ignore me when I say please and ask for water, but I’d really rather not.


Youre playing the wrong class if you get offended when people open trade with you.

You must not have any shamans or druids if you have spots for that macro. :upside_down_face:

AB 3 hours 20 mins, WSG 3 hours 6 mins

This is the response we wanted, on a very hot button topic too.

Good job slaying the twink brackets and increasing queue times though.

I always get water from mages I know when I can, tipping then a few silver. Even in raids I’ll try to tip. The idea behind it is simple.

If I get 2 stacks of water for 5s that’s still cheaper than the 5 water I would get from a vendor for even more silver.

So I save gold, they make free silver. Everyone is happy.

If it costs nothing for the mage, yes mage should. If it costs something like reagents. Well classic wasn’t exactly easy to make money in, you have to understand if the mage say no and you can’t give them the reagents.

being able to regen your hp/mana is pretty huge even if sitting and drinking only gives you a 10% refill - its better than 0%.

I carry a set of healing gear into my AV’s just for this reason

Do you expect a doctor to give you a free prescription at the bus stop?

I type this out usually and it almost always goes ignored, so I wait for the first hold south where it’s clear I intend on healing my butt off saving everyone and then ask again “still looking for water” and I’ll get 2-3 people trading me water after they see that I’m using it to save them.

I’ve been primarily a BG player since my first AB queue way back in vanilla. My first WSG queue was a disaster because I was completely ignorant of the map and the fact that I was queueing into a 10-19 bracket immediately after getting that first WSG quest. I feel bad for the other 9 in that first WSG I was in. I don’t recall how the fight turned out for the group, but I felt like I was constantly in the graveyard while I was just trying to figure out the map.

Point is, I spent a lot of time in BGs on that toon (my first, a dwarf Paladin). Spent a lot more time in BGs on my new main (Durid … subtle? shout-out to Alamo) after I abandoned my Pally… in all of the BGs I’ve been in, I have never once EVER asked for water or food or stones or any buffs, ever.

If a mage opens trade and drops water or food, I accept it. I accept stones from Warlocks. … but I NEVER ask, never expect. I never ask for buffs either. I also never ask if anyone wants Mark of the Wild. I just apply it to everyone and then drink to restore mana while waiting for the gate. :smile:

IMHO: No you should not ask for water/food. You should feel guilty for asking. You should feel guilty for not being prepared.

IMHO: Mages: if you want to give out water, that’s your option … it was your mana pool. Warlocks: if you want to give out stones, that’s your option.

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OP…of course it’s ok to ask for water, most mages should know that water for healers help everyone, including themselves.

On another note…kind of odd which threads the blue posters choose to reply to. Something benign like this, a no-brainer…they are here. People are on fire about the PVP split and nothing. Well played as always Blizz…never change.