Should I stay human monk or should i switch to gnome?

I have a level 56 Human Monk and i wanted to race change it to a gnome. (i just think the gnome is so funny). will i see a crazy amount of difference in dps and health? im very new to WoW.

Unless you are playing at the very, very top level, feel free to play whatever race you like. Though some racials feel more fun / comfortable than others. (I’m no world firster, but I don’t know what I’d do without quaking palm)

Maybe make a class trial and see how the racials feel?

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Hey to answer your question:

No. Races don’t have health difference (besides Tauren and it’s minuscule) and they don’t have any negligible DPS difference. Pick what ever race you want for any content.

As an example: technically orc is best monk race bc of “blood fury”. But one of the highest rated WW monks in WOW in mythic + is undead.

It makes no difference

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