🗜 Should Addons be Banned? [In Classic]


A dps meter is a must lol. Without it hardcore raiding guilds or any raiding guild wouldn’t know if your doing your share of work or if your just in the back picking your nose.
Also the game wouldn’t be competitive enough to make raiding what it is. maybe pvp it wouldn’t hurt much but in raiding and dungeons it’s what make people motivated to do more then press a button or two unless you’re just role playing .

I mean I understand I like to RP as much as the next person but you can’t take away something that makes the game competitive in PVE.


Not saying I want LFD addon in classic but if you think that would hurt the server you could be right but I don’t think it would.

I want to believe since server reputation would still be a big thing since you could only play with people in the same server and since LFM chat is pretty much same thing when you get right down to it but it’s better since you get to pick who you want to come unless addon did that better (which I don’t think it could) but then your still chatting with people from same server and that’s why you must still have good dps and not be rude unlike real LFD.

Also Blizz already said they would break any addon that could hurt the game or does hurt the game so fear not.

PS~ enjoy your LFM chat (LFD) or chat channels made by people that do same thing. oh how i loved that in BC. we had our own group of people we would add with password and if no one to come used LFM for fills

I was just never a fan of cross realm groups as it wasnt offen you became friends are cared about how you acted or how good you did.



They should not.

They HOWEVER did ban the complex macro’s imported from your desktop which allowed warlock their 1click pet buttons and complex macro’s for 1 button cast sequences… I used to run a cast sequence macro on my mage for raiding… Beyond moving and spamming my mouse button I didnt have to dance around my keyboard trying to pull off the proper numbers… My macro made those decisions for me based on what was up/CD’s/etc… Usually just had to blink out of something and that was about it.

This is something they said was a problem, and when the code changed to the updated engines they closed the loophole that allowed you to import macros from your desktop through an addon…

Other addons? Those are fine. Most things are just slight quality of life/BG tracking/raid frames and fairly basic not game changing things… You dont NEED damage meters and a threat meter, but its certainly going to HELP you out.


but how am i supposed to track my hunters auto attack?
hunters cant move while auto attacking…need to stutter step and u want me to spend 8 hours a day counting that in my head?


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I see what you mean. But in vanilla the consequences for stealing threat from the tank was severe, at least as I remember it. Everyone ran both threat and dps meters.

Threat may not be so bad since we’re basically getting 1.12, and so it may not be as bad as people like me remember. In late vanilla, the only way to really steal threat was to start too soon (before 3 sunders) or get a chain of critical hits in a row.


Yeah, I remember have to wait for 5 sunders.

I also tanked Onyxia on Grand Marshal Priest. Around 5.3k hp is a lot back on those days.


You are right you don’t need dps/hps/interrupts on target/damage taken.

As like OP said how are going to figure out who keeps wiping the raid, who is just picking thier nose, who is afk, and whatever else. I believe you need something to track what a person is doing in a PVE raid.

If you don’t have it the raid leader will have to watch everyone constantly.

I understand certain addons should not be in the game.

Dps meter and threat would should be.

It’s not really giving anyone advantages and it’s just informing the raiders.

Advantages in my book would be something in the open world that gives advantages. Reason you’re actually competing against other players. As in leveling, pvp, farming, auction house, and other activities in open world.

In a raid your just trying to kill a PVE. The only way you would get advantages is by one button spam type addons or something that gives advantages over other players.

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Hmm… if we can’t see specs on inspect I wonder how long it’ll be before someone makes an addon that analyzes what spells/auras someone is using and guesses their spec.

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Then be ready to be SORELY disappointed. Blizzard is HIGHLY unlikely to develop a second API for your server that blocks any and all attempts by an addon to “hook” into it. You’d have a better chance of Blizzard creating world peace and good will towards all men.

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Vanilla raiding isn’t the “DPS race” that Raiding is today, there was so much more to it. Class Utility was just as important as Damage spells.

Mages had to decurse, Hunters tranquiliser shot, Ret paladins buff bots and off heals, druids innervate, boomkin druids were brought for the /dance, and also sometimes a person did absolutely nothing and didn’t go into combat, so they could Resurrect people during the fight.

Vanilla raids were designed for 25 people, but you could bring 40.
Raiding wasn’t this “You did 0.1% less dps than average /gkick!” boot camp mentality of today.
Raids were more a social experience.

We don’t need dps meters, or healing meters, or threat meters. You know if the tank has enough threat? If the boss starts killing priests, they don’t have enough threat.

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You clearly didn’t have a lot of Vanilla raiding experience if that’s how you perceive Vanilla raiding. Class Utility was not nearly as important as damage or survivability.

Gear was more important than class utility as well, as it improved your damage, and in many cases, allowed you to survive through encounters. Resistance gear checks.

Sorry, but most Vanilla raiding was dps races, with a greater priority of threat management and gear checks. Class utility in those encounters is more a gimmick than a necessity.

Fights were not designed for people to stay out of combat to resurrect people, you can actually put this one as a “cheat” or an exploit.

Mages could only decurse, paladins (Ret or otherwise) cleansed everything else. Furthermore, there’s not that much to cleanse/decurse. Mages didn’t even have to do much decursing as you think - in my experience, mages get bored waiting for the call for DPS to open up on a boss and dont’ use decurse much, if at all. They’re vending machines, intellect buffers, and portal openers.

And how do you prevent the boss from killing priests in the future, hrm? Or rogues?

The threatmeter is what allowed players to tune how hard they played before the boss turned around and killed them. Dead rogues, dead priests, etc. meant no dps from dead rogues, and no healing from dead priests.

What’s the issue if a tank loses aggro? Is it the priest? Or is it the tank? Serious raiders needed some form of meter to display what happened, as the combat log doesn’t show threat.

DPS meter? Same thing. Healing meter. Same thing. They’re for number crunching, which becomes important as you progress through content and you’re trying to improve.


Addons isn’t why retail is bad. Retail is why retail is bad.


I’m just in awe of people against ALL addons. Like, the one’s people download. And make their UI look like Diablo’s UI (I love that), or DPS meters, or threat meters. I still am confused to why? Did you even play Vanilla at all, or raid at all in vanilla?

Addons were part of the culture of vanilla. It’s where WoW got the ideas for game additions after Vanilla. It’s part of the culture of PC games. It’s so you can tailor your games accordingly. I’m not in favor of having one button easy mode. For some people, that’s fun. To other people, it’s not.

I don’t know what bizzaro world some of you were in in Vanilla, but I was hounded constantly in my guild’s DPS training groups to get my DPS or I couldn’t raid with the main group and had to be in the baby group or do more PUGs.


All you should need is a bag mod and threat meter. Seriously people are way to dependent on addons.

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Lots of indirect ‘game’ related mods, as well. None were needed, but all were a part of the Vanilla experience.

Roleplaying mods. UI mods. Chat mods. Map mods. Sound/Music mods.

People would play Peggle on the long flights across Azeroth, and that’s an addon.

I remember a guy who posted screenshots of his pink “Captain Planet” UI which was set up specifically for his totems.


Or replicate Blizzard functions from later expansions (e.g. LFG)


There were some really cute and fun UI’s people made.


Nope its a must for any raiding guild, as I said you have to know who is picking there nose (you) and who is doing their part. Without knowing these facts it would make PVE a lot less fun and many raiding guilds just wouldn’t want to raid. Sure if the addon stopped working for a day a hardcore guild would be fine but they wouldn’t go on like that


Sorry but your wrong and trolling

Also no one said anything about dps race

Maybe you don’t try hard and just like to take a group of people the same way. That’s fine you can just not install the addons as they don’t change the game play if you aren’t taking the raid serious and trying to progress.

Again many people have post a reply that Blizz has told everyone yes even you that they will break any addons in classic if they deem them bad which isn’t dps meters so get over it and just stop trolling


Wrong again. Warlocks could pull off tanks super easy in Nax and before since they have really high threat and no way to drop it. You must have never got pass MC since you aren’t a try hard or went back in BC to kill MC and didn’t know how it really was