Sholazar Basin

Took a toon I rarely play to Sholazar to leave her there to work on Frenzyheart rep. Finally figured out where to start (Dalaran) and then did the quest “Welcome to Sholazar” which SHOULD have opened up more quests… but it didn’t.

I’ve searched, researched and banged my head… what am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

Make sure you have trivial quest tracking on so you can actually see the quests.

If I remember correctly, if you’re interested in the Frenzyheart/Oracle questline you can skip the Nessingwary stuff. Head to River’s Heart and pick up “The Part-time Hunter” from Tamara. That will lead you to kill Pitch. Once you kill him, a Wolvar will yell at you and give you the starter quest for for the Frenzyhear/Oracle chain. (You can skip “The Part Time Hunter” completely and just kill Pitch to trigger the NPCs near him to give you the quest.)

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Thank you!!! I’m on the right track now!!!