Ship Sails

I JUST noticed that the sails in the ships actually move with the wind. Kul Tiran ships in BFA don’t even have this tiny feature.

Small details, man, what happened to this game?


Yeah. The Classic world is the real Azeroth.


Keep on fan boy, the female trolls don’t blink. Rushed models. Those gremlins you kill in caves keep moving there thumbs and eyes blink when killed. Muh classic.
Actually a ton of classic models keep blinking when dead. Immersion eh? Lol

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As a matter of fact, yes, immersion. Even the ambient sounds are better and more detailed. Especially with headphones you can tell the difference between retail and classic.


i believe the most intelligible answer to this thread is:

I like turtle


Kinda hard to believe. Seeing how classic been turning out you guys are known to lie a lot. Kek street

Says the Kul Tiran with arguably the worst customization in the game :wink:

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If you wanna talk about small details, BfA environments have about ten times the amount of small detail that’s missing from Vanilla.

There is no doubt that a tremendous amount of effort went into creating the world in BfA. The gameplay is another thing.

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omg all those npc running around to make you forget that your alone.


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The world is much more visually immersive in BfA. The world in Classic is mostly flat, there’s no real elevation in any of the zones; the mountains look like those mountains from Super Mario Bros.

It’s a shame they didn’t make good use of all the amazing zones the artists and world designers crafted. I spent more time flying around taking screenshots in BfA than actually doing any of the “content” in the world.

The skyboxes and lighting are crazy good too:

I really, really wish retail wasn’t so boring and unfulfilling. I also really wish they’d do Classic+ and remaster the world and graphics to be on the level of BfA.


Cherry picking.

Yea look at the kul Tiron flagships. Massive galleons with great multiple leveled interior space.

Retail is leagues ahead classic in art and music. We are talking about a 15 year old game here that’s the way it should be.

Did you know that every race gender and class has several unique animations for unique attacks?

Eviscerate for example has 2 unique animations just for a male human, the female has her own unique animations, same with all the other races.

I know someone will say I’m full of it, so you go test for your self, just make sure that when you test you realize that there is the armed animations for eviscerate and the unarmed animations used for certain fist weapons. Even the first weapons have differences depending on type, being the brass knuckles kind the Roman scissor or claw type. Standard weapons as far as I know, like swords and mace share the same animation.

And every race is unique and the male and female do not share animations…

Retail is hyper homogenized, eviscerate is basically exactly the same for everyone that’s a rogue.


Yep classic was not made to save money for sure.

I bet an actual choreograph was needed to capture all those animation.


Take a look at healing animations and say that again.

I miss all these animations. Hate how in retail races borrow the same melee animations.

Keep it on topic, I was talking about combat animations. There are some cool animations in Retail, but they use the mostly the same animations for the same spells and abilities class wide instead of unique animations for each race class gender combo.

Retails got some cool stuff, but they could do so much more, its my opinion that they are leaving a lot of potential on the table and that’s unfortunate.

Yeah, because combat animations is more on topic than healing animations in a thread about ship sails.


Massive yet stiff in the wind.