Shiny Pet Charms question?

Hello all, I posted this question in a different forum here, and want to try it again in the right category…
What I want is to farm the old Shiny Pet Charms, but cannot find a way to do this as the WQs that offer them are extremely rare to come across, and I find that it is near impossible to find pet trainers that will battle, and not just offer useless dialogue when clicked on.
So, I tried getting the Boon of the Zookeeper shoulder enchantment, but the proc rate on this is outrageously low.
When I say outrageously low, I MEAN it.
I have grinded through Broken Isles, and Krokuun fanatically, with terribly disappointing results. Getting a proc from the chant about once out of every thousand or more mobs killed.
This seems to me to be the worst proc rate of any of the shoulder chants in the game. One in a thousand is ridiculous, and I would appreciate any method that is faster to stockpile a couple of hundred of the charms, which is about what I need.
Right now I have managed to amass like 40 of them, but there is nothing that cost just 40 Shiny Pet Charms really, and the mojority of those are from WQs, being that the shoulder chant has thus far only proced twice for me after hours and hours of grinding mobs.
There HAS to be a better way. Please post answers, and not little schoolyard name calling, unless you are just that juvenile that you cannot help but troll the forums.
Aslo of course, Thanks in advance!!

The WQ is literally the best way to get the shiny pet charms tbh. If you have several alts, you will be getting a lot of them daily as you can do the same WQ across all your characters and the charms are bind on account.

Only starting BFA every pet trainers is active. Legion’s pet trainer will only active when they had WQ offered.

Legion’s class hall sometimes offered mission for your followers to earn pet charm, 20+ shiny pet charm could be earned upon completion. But this requires you to collect and upgrade your follower to be competent for the mission.

Do WOD content:
Set up your garrison’s pet menagerie, they will be pet battle daily quest on your garrison. Winning the pet battle will earn you a sachel that will give you randon amount of shiny pet charm.

Sometimes 1 pet trainer named Eris/Kura will visit your garrison and offer pet battle to earn a sachel as well.

All 6 pet trainer at Draenor also offered daily quest, defeating them will earn 2 shiny pet charm per trainer.

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You can grind them out daily doing Draenor pet trainers. 2 per trainer but it adds up. Easy to get 10 a day, for 12 there’s the annoying Cymre who I skip.

Are you working on them for the pets that can be bought with Shinies? So many players stuck with Shinies after Polished Charms became the useful one, those pets usually super cheap on AH.

I am currently sitting on 1600 shiny pet charms. If you are looking to get pets, I might be able to help you with that.

Ways to farm Shiny Pet Charms

  • Draenor Garrison Pet Battle Masters
  • Tanaan jungle legendary pets
  • Legion Class Order Hall MIssions
  • Legion WQ’s

The Legion stuff can be done on multiple characters

Also, don’t forget Ashlei in Shadow Moon Valley in WoD. She is a daily that gives the Shiny Pet Charms.

The Boon is on a timer, not on number of mobs killed. It has a hidden CD which iirc is like 2 per hour. I occasionally throw my boon shoulders on when working on fishing buddies on alts. Fish a while, kill until you get two, fish some more.

Not sure why this was resurrected after 3 years (?) but I’ve been doing the Tanaan daily legendary battles and I get 1-2 Shiny Pet Charms from each of the 15 battles. Also, you can do all 15 daily on every alt if you have the time - it docent take long to collect 100 charms.

Sweet mercy, this was a 3 year-old necro and I didn’t notice. Deleted my previous response. ha ha