Shining Force

I’ve been farming a priest in outlands since shes been here for weeks camping lower levels trying to do the quest which requires you to toggle pvp and capture the towers. She’ll sit up on a pole and whenever I get up there she’ll use Shining Force to push me off and continue to do it. The only way I’ve been able to stop that is to get a friend who can fear her off or a hunter who can push her off. Anything else I can do so I don’t need a friend to help?

Go prot and dragon charge her off, not much else you can do.

spec siegebreaker and push her off with that - or dragons roar.

I dont know for sure if these effects still knockback (havent played war for a while now) but they used to.

you can also craft some or buy them off the AH and pop it as you land.

sadly dragon roar and siegebreaker don’t push anymore, and timing the potion would be impossible as you can’t see her cast it

last thing I can think of off the top of my head is if you went engineering and attached this to your belt

Go get a DK buddy and camp her

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