Shining Force Gone in DF

Do you follow Moadmoad? The guy is a priest god, so you should. Why the mention?

He has very recently raised the point about priest’s lack of any real CC in DF. Apparently Psychic Scream is going to be capped at five. And Shining Force is gone.

I heal a ton of keys these days and this week especially would have been really really bad for me without Shining Force. It is a great spell in a pickle and I use it regularly–even on other weeks.

I dont understand the Wow gods. We have virtually no kick–or nothing very good–at least if you play Discipline. This is icing on the cake.


I Blame RMP, that cursed comp from TBC has always made priest 100x as strong as it should be dude to its high synergy. Since pretty much all of the stuff removed is to make sure that priest disc mainly is in check


This reply is not directed at you in as much as it is a reply to your post.

Some of us really enjoy healing disc in M+ to put it quite frankly. And some of us are loathe to playing it in raids. But we cannot play it in M+ because it is not tuned properly for that because its tuning is for raids at the cost of it in M+. And for raids it is a mix of hard and dull. Hard because you are so prone to dying. And dull until you get everything down when the repetition of it grows dull.

I would add that these arguments about it being tuned for raids and not M+ are just excuses the Wow Gods hide behind because they do not care or are lazy or both. They just need to balance the talents and mana considerations correctly for the content you play and it is done. That, and of course the utility it has and brings.


Maybe they shouldn’t be making class and spec tree decisions based on PvP?

In fact, I think Blizz should go further and balance M+ separately from the rest of PvE as well, with M+ talents like PvP talents. The “bring 1 of each class” philosophy behind current design for raids is fine and all, but it was never meant to even pretend to balance utility for infinitely-scaling 5 man content.

Well its simply the truth and I dont even play pvp as disc to know it. Personally its just BS the fact that pvp is keeping the spec on such a tight lease. Cuz everything is hard capped like the roots and no shining force/real personally defensive or true mobility spell is feels bad.
Cuz as a priest you just outright die to so many mechanics due that other healers live with no worry. Its really stupid that priest is getting the shorthand of the stick vs just nerfing them into oblivion in pvp to make up for their toolkit being busted there, Cuz I dont like being a priest and Just being a PI dispenser and that makes up for everything else that’s missing


No M+ is still Pve by any definition only major differences is how bosses are just harder hitting trash with more mechanics vs raids where bosses are BOSSES and everything else is trash, alongside there being no true downtime ever outside of wipes/random RP so short CD in timer are very good unlike stuff like META for DH being 4+ minutes long when it has so much power in raids due to big long burst windows being very good for pushing bosses. Pvp should fully be its own game thou with different talents that fully remove RNG God kneeling procs that allow you to 100-0 someone in 2 globals

Well No M+ is “infinitely scaling” to the point where its not. With some Affixs like Tyrant/Fortified on higher keys alongside normal affixes it can make some keys not possible after 30+ Unless insane tech is found to bypass it or heavy gearing from raids/M+. In addition the majority of the M+ community never goes past 15-20 so for 95% of players not scaling that hard ever so you will never truly see the point where you can say 100% this boss is not killable and Blizzard wont nerf it since after 25-28+ its perfectly fine to just have dead keys whats not fine is a dead key happening in the 15-20 range ever, as seen with prenerf Lower Kara being one of the hardest Dungeons in a while

Psychich scream has always been capped at 5


I’m not sure where the need is to uncap Psychic Scream and Void Tendrils for PvE. I can’t think of any raid bosses where that would have been useful. Also, with them nerfing Binding Shot they’re probably going to be changing how adds work in future raid designs as well because a lot of this stuff was designed with them in mind. Same kind of deal with some boss fights literally being undoable without Warlock Gates or Mass Dispel.

I didn’t use Shining Force all that often either for raids. The only times I used it was on Mythic KT, Lihuvim, and Anduin. Even then it wasn’t really a necessity.

For M+ Psychic Scream is mainly used as an AOE interrupt or to take advantage of the slow conduit (which is going away sadly) because it breaks almost instantly under any kind of AOE.

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That’s kind of why people are asking for the uncap. If there are more than 5 mobs, with bad RNG you fear the lot of them and the one(s) that needed interrupt might not be feared…

I didn’t come across this problem often personally, but then again, I don’t do MDI style pulls all that much so I’ll let those who can relate to the issue speak for themselves…


if we could cast void tendrils at range that would be nice for us.


Disc has always been a balancing nightmare it seems.

The theme of damage and healing is really cool, but it’s gotta be an absolute disaster to balance. Can’t outstrip DPS classes in damage, but also can’t do too little healing or there’s no reason to bring it.

While it was it’s own form of balance nightmare, I kind of preferred when Disc was the shielding class. I feel like it had a really solid position in various types of content, but once again I feel like that was an era where Disc was very feast or famine in terms of power.

Glad I play Shadow, if I can even say that now, priest is in a weird spot for sure.


Not sure why this is brought up, nowhere are we saying that disc causes problem.

If anything, I’d say that shadow is a bigger problem right now in relation to the 2 healing specs. Twins is a tool that is basically brought for shadow to allow them to PI themselves even if they are asked to PI someone else.

They seem to have a hard time translating shadow utility toward the healers too so as to not make them too strong, leaving shadow with utility in its tree to chose instead of throughput.

Even the utility that was moved on the class tree seems misplaced as they didn’t properly update it, even for shadow it’s become a soso button…

Shadow is in the middle of it’s n’th design right now with blizzard basically just saying they’ll get back on it later… Dunno about you, but shadow does feel a lot more prone to cause headaches for both the devs and the players right now vs a disc that seems mostly done at least in it’s spec section of the tree…


I’m not saying Disc is causing problems, just that it’s a historically weird spec to balance in reference to the person I replied to.

If anything is to “blame” it’s Blizzard being lazy and uninspired with Priest design in general. PI is a good example: I’d rather they just delete the spell altogether OR make it a Disc or Holy only spell, then give Shadow some other unique/useful utility. I think PI, while fun in a lot of ways, is bad for the class/game.

But instead of actually giving Priests unique, spec specific utility based on their roles, Blizz was just like “Yea, here’s PI and Twins, and also a PI tax”. It’s the same thing with interrupts, knockbacks, etc. Instead of coming up with a way to make priest utility useful and relatively unique (or instead of even just giving us generic spells so we’re on par with other classes) they just deleted all our utility and said they like that for the class.

Also, Shadow was fine before Legion. It’s been redesigned a billion times because Voidform was horribly designed, and it’s taken them 6 years to realize maybe just removing it was the right move (but they won’t, because people creamed themselves over the .05% of moments where it was godlike in legion)


Welcome to the fight for the last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody likes that shining force is gone, and there’s hundreds of posts about it and a couple other utilities in the beta forums at this point.

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Except every pack pull in dungeons is A lot more than 5 and we can’t smart-target the casters/channeling/wtv abilities that mobs do. ( for psychic scream)

Void tendrils is a purely arena / dueling ability.


True too many times ive tired to fear demo locks in arena to have their pets eat the 5 target cap instead :frowning:

gfade gone, shining force gone, silence for healing priest gone, talking about removing shadow mend from the tree hurts disc in pvp. The explanations were half coherent and based on the current state of things, I guess this is a sign of where things are headed.


I was looking forward to the idea of mixing Shadow Mend into the usual “whack a mole” hit every button on CD hpriest-playstyle. And I kind of hate that they’re talking about removing active abilities while doubling and tripling down on passives to buff spells - they could save everyone the bother by just tuning up the spells in the first place.

Why? We play the game too.


I reckon blizz was aghast at the mass of posts and videos on that post. Will go down in history with the " you think you do but you dont"

I imagine someone has gone to talk to our dec and was like um fix this

looking forward to the next post

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