Shift+2, 3, etc. not swapping action bars


My shift+2 and so on is no longer swapping between all of my action bars. Anyone else experiencing this or is it just me?


shift + mouse scroll doesn’t switch the panels as well

(Mavra) #4

You have to manually reset them:


Thanks Mavra.

Blizzard should hire you and fire whoever thought this should be conveyed through twitter.


Very frustrating that this changed without warning. Spent too much time finding the solution that a lot of people who don’t read the forums won’t find.

To be more specific on how to change it, go to Keybindings -> Action Bar, then scroll to the near bottom where it lists Action Page 1, Action Page 2, etc. You can then bind Action Page 2 to Shift-2.


I came here to fins a solution too. I have subsequently found it buried deep within the patch notes, but why wasn’t this flagged with an exclamation mark in the settings menus like all other UI changes?

(Deãdpool) #8

Thank you Mavra! This was driving me crazy just now when I logged in and saw it was changed.


For someone whom has played since launch and got bored 3 months ago, this was almost enough for me to go right back to the account page and cancel my subscription.

ATVI has a disconnect between their customer base.