Sheilun’s Gift & Fistweaving

Is this going to be a thing - if so how will the current tree be reworked to include (assuming that most folks don’t take bonedust who are FW).

I think it was mentioned that one could just move the 2 misty peaks points into Sheilun’s and the Lessons buffs for the Fey Line build(s).

Do correct me if I am wrong though, as I don’t play Fey Line. I just recall this maybe being mentioned somewhere on here or while browsing the discord.

For raiding -

Just drop upwelling and FLS talents for sheilun + veil → Rising mist.
Yu’lon is going to be stronger and misty peaks is a must talent

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But it’s not fistweaving any longer at that point right - we’re just casting with the odd RSK swapped in?

Got it a bit wrong. Going full Faeline/AT talents will still have you do dps rotation for the majority of the dungeon, SG just adds some well-needed burst heal (trash pack going wrong, calculated uses on CoS last boss, Hyrja in HoV, fenrir in HoV, etc)

Quite a few bosses on higher keys will never be -only- healable with the dps rotation, that’s where you need to hardcast and setup for it.

Well, it’s another week where MW monks are D-tier on Subcreation.
Let’s hope the 10.0.5 changes would bring it up.

Without drastic buffs, MW is dead in the water. MW now only represent 1% of the high m+ keys completed over the last week.

For raiding you just proc Ancient teachings with EF instead of FLS. So yea you are still fistweaving.

For M+ you’re still going FLS talents + SG and rising mist. You’ll probably drop Misty peaks here.


The heal is pretty huge im kinda excited for this, it will save us alot of mana when the whole party dips to 30%