Shattering problems (maybe latency?)

I know how shatter combos work, but according to wowanalyzer I am only landing about 80% of my shatters in the raid. When I get brain freeze, I cast frostbolt and then right at the end of cast bar I flurry, then ice lance ice lance. When I attack a target dummy for 5 minutes, I do very close to the dps that my character sims (I can do 13.9 k and it sims at 14.03 k). Unfortunately on most raid bosses I am getting between 9k and 11k and it’s reflecting in my parses.

Based on how close I am to the sim on a dummy, I’m assuming that I’m a capable mage who can shatter, but for some reason I’m just not as consistent with this in raids even though I’m sure that I’m doing a standard shatter combo. Is it possible that latency is causing me to land flurries after the frostbolts? I’m just stumped. I always just assumed that I didn’t do as well on bosses as I do on target dummies because bosses have mechanics, but this shattering problem seems like a pretty serious issue with me. Any thoughts/suggestions?

That is a tricky one, Do you think its related to comet storm? as the proc chance seems to line up with the missing 20%. Just a suggestion, but you could also try a weak aura to track the shatters.

Like @Tinklewinkle mentioned, I believe it could be because of the tier set plus proc munching. Sometimes it’s also situational when you have a [Brain Freeze] proc but cast it without a [Frostbolt] on the move because of fear of [Icy Veins] not resetting its cooldown. The only way people can properly help you is by analyzing your logs.

Maybe consider posting logs in the Mage Discord. There are plenty of people that help others with their logs there.

Thank you Tinklewinkle and Ravenborn, I appreciate your thoughts. I had no idea there was a weakaura that could let me know if I shattered my frostbolts, so I’ll check it out. I’ll also post my logs in the mage discord. Thank you for the suggestions!

Edit: it was suggested to me that I was probably button mashing and trying too hard lol. I took a much more relaxed approach, took the time to think about what I was doing, and my dps went way up. It’s a little embarrassing that this was the issue, but it’s easier to fix I suppose than the alternative!