Shattered Fates is seeking Ranged DPS for Team Noz, (7/8 Heroic)

Shattered Fates was established in Cata and still has an active guild presence.
Team Noz was established in Legion and has completed every AOTC since Emerald Nightmare.

We are seeking Ranged DPS for Team Noz, (7/8 Heroic)
We raid Fri and Sat 9pm-12am EST
We need Cloth and Mail Ranged DPS, full on Boomkin and Melee.

If you are looking for a Team that likes to have fun and kill bosses join Team Noz!
Our guild is active and friendly, with plenty of groups for Mythic Plus, Islands, etc.
We are also accepting Casual members with the opportunity to build additional Raid Teams.

Send me a message at Azhurea#1665 or message me in game at Azhurea-Medivh. You can also message Shangra-Medivh.