Shards of Domination Changes in 9.2

except for they aren’t. Even yesterday’s mythic testing still Accretion doing 2.1% of my healing almost 300 hps. The is 0 chance every mythic guild does not require you to wear a 259 piece with Kyr during progression if this is not changed

4 pieces for tier set and 2 pieces for double lego leaves a lot of free space for dom sockets to still be bis. I only really play plate but I believe different armour types have different dom sockets right? Which means that how many dom sockets are still use able in 9.2 might depend on armour type which would be even silly.

I wasn’t wearing them, but they were disabled in the first test I participated in, and Blizzard has stated the shards themselves–not just the sets–will be disabled (in the raid).

Right, but that isn’t enough. They need to be removed. Destroyed. Their power drained. Shattered by us in order to get to the new zone. Something.

As is they will create a gearing problem. The fact that they have different sockets on different armor types will create a massive imbalance if left in.

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Same thing needs to happen with M+.

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Eh, maybe. They’re an optional power spike for running SoD, though most players never go back and do the older raids. (I would love to finish my Mythic CN transmogs.) If anything, they can be left around like the Heart of Azeroth for running older stuff (though, it’s still required to run Ny’alotha).

Our plan, which we’re currently working on bringing to the PTR, is to disable Shards of Domination in Zereth Mortis, the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, and all PvP and dungeons, starting with the Eternity’s End content update.

In this scenario, Shards of Domination would still work as before in previous Shadowlands zones, the Maw, the Sanctum of Domination raid, and Torghast.

We’ll update our Eternity’s End development notes with this, as soon as we get it implemented.


Just disable them entirely or delete them, I don’t want to try to manage them in even old content going forward.


ty vm for confirming this. ty for the reply and assurance :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Fantastic news thank you and thank you for the clarity

Borrowed power is SO FUN



Now can you let me send embers to my alts so we can use them before they just go bye bye for good?

I am glad this is getting addressed, thank you. I would love to see the shards of domination completely turned off to remove the complexities of needing to lug around different gear sets for different areas (maybe only allow it to work in Sanctum of Domination?).
Also, I would love to see something similar done to the Edge of Night dagger from Sylvanas. If it is not nerfed or turned off, I highly suspect it will be bis offhand for the rest of the expansion.

So your plan is to make it so people have to do math to figure out if their 9.2 gear is better than the shards of domination gear when doing stuff like Torghast? What is the reasoning behind this? Who could possibly think that this is a good idea?


Patch Borrowed Power is realy a bad idea… The shards are realisticaly only actualy useful in the raid, and that’s it…

So you spend weeks, if not months farming the raid so you get the gear and the shards so you… can farm the raid you already farmed? And since we already knew they were only gonna be of actual use inside the raid, and thus were never intended to keep for the next patch, people that join late into the patch, like, lets say, right now… Won’t even care to farm them just so they can use them for a month or two, in the raid they have to farm to get them… and to do the dailies in Korthia?

And if they remain being relevant in Torghast, is just gonna be even worst… Torghast is a piece of content people only do because they have to… having to go back to farm the previous raid just to get a bit of an edge on mandatory content that is forced upon the player just so they can craft 1 piece of gear and then never go back to it…

I seriously hope we don’t go back to any form of Azerithe/corrupted/domination gear and just stay with regular tiers. Please.


i mean, why would you even need to think what gear to put on for torghast. the powers alone makes it easy to beat all the wings at max level with the minimum ilvl required.

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This, 5000%.


I can’t help but laugh that borrowed power mechanics can’t even survive a single patch these days.



Tier Sets most times than not do that, once in a while we would have a bonkers tier set who is strong enough for you to not replace with the new tier set.