Sharding after latest server restart?


dynamic respawn > phasing

(Flech) #122

Any word yet on when you guys will start letting people without an active sub get a chance at beta access?

(Danada) #123

Yep, August 26th.


i dont see why it cant be open not like this is new we all played classic back in the day why all this closed stuff they give alot of people not a chance to play you know they get alot more new people if it was open

(Gargilicious) #125

Aint this the damn truth. This has been every blizzard beta ever. Always has been the 26th for me. screw it back to private. Ill just live there till august. Played BFA for months straight. Think ill give the credit card a rest till August anyway.

(Felplagued) #126

its to make sure people dont make like 1000 accounts to garuntee a sub spot.

live beta’s im pretty sure do.

(Felplagued) #127

if you knew how to look up, you could see from not 1 but 2 blue posts here, that it is a bug.


Its no coincidence that both instances of this happened while crossing over from one zone to another.

(Omegall) #129

Definitely seeing the full on zone batch respawning behavior. Each mob should have it’s own timer. Long respawns are expected but what seems to be happening is instead of each mob having it’s own timer, there is one timer that resets in that area every time a new mob dies, and as mobs keep dying that timer keeps resetting so that first mob or any mob in between it and last never even start their respawn timer until last one goes down. then once last mob goes down, THEN it’s a 10 minute wait before you see a mob. Then the entirety of area respawns all at once in a single batch.

Expected behavior is that each mob has a 10 min or whatever timer, and killing another mob near it doesn’t reset that timer. they should respawn slow, but at same rate that they died. This is how I remember game back then.

Whatever is causing entire areas to have a batching timer that resets every time a new mob dies, leaving you with a situation that you have to clear everything then wait for EVERYTHING to respawn at once is not natural. I do not remember this being part of classic experience.

(Mogar) #130

I was just watching Crendor and when he came from the Barrens into Durotar it looked like a troll magically appeared behind him.

(Igotsoul) #131

This needs to be fixed before the beta is over.


Of course there is an issue. That’s why we say no changes to classic!

(Mysfyre) #133

That’s the whole problem! If it happens in beta it should be fixed and out!

bored at work

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wow thats a big bug then. wonder what caused it.


Maybe you guys should start awarding well-articulated people who put actual effort into writing quality posts on this forum with a beta invite to help with testing wink wink

(Xanthak) #136

Haha. I figured layering was nothing but sharding with larger configuration settings.

Blizzard is putting in the least amount of work as possible. This whole “we created a new technology just for you. We call it layering” is nothing but corporate speak. It’s actually called “lazy”.


Well that’s damning

(Swani) #138

It is called “Channel” and taken from asian MMO’s.

(Brokenwind) #139

Did they decide to “layer” zones rather than continents?

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