[Shandris/Bronzebeard] Active Guilds List

Please post if any of the guilds on the lists, whether alliance or horde, are no longer active.
Guild name: Immunity
Faction: Horde
Type: Raiding
Hours you do it: 8pm server time
Days you do it: Friday and Saturday
Contact: Bnet Natalie#1844
Just looking for a raid team for Emerald Nightmare. 845 prot/fury warrior. I am available almost anytime. I just want to get some raiding time in and enjoy the new content. You can contact me in game or bnet Johno#1215. If I am not on there, you can message me on FB 'Johno Roadkill Hall'. Thank you for your time.
Guild name: Team Awesome
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding, Achievements, some PVP
We raid at: 6:30pm pacific
Days you do it: Friday
Website: N/A
Contact: Me, Beo-Bronzebeard, or Cheeks-Bronzebeard
Guild name: Rising Sun
Faction: Horde
Type: Casual Once a Week Raiding, Once a Week PvP Nights, Goofing off on other days.
Hours you do it: Raid - 8pm server time Fridays -- PvP Night - 7:30pm server time Tuesdays.
Website: https://guildsofwow.com/rising-sun
Contact: Primary Contact is Grahams. Other officers: Venjin, Stormtusk.

Current play headcounts are low since we blew up in WotLK but we're looking to add to our core of 8. We tend to be quieter on non-event nights but there's usually a couple on at night. We've been around since Vanilla and are extremely patient, noob-friendly, family-friendly (because most of us are parents with young kids) and willing to help out.
Guild Name: Pwnapple Express
Faction: Alliance
Type: Mythic dungeons/ social
Hours you do it: 3-11pst and throughout the weekend. Grab someone and go or someone will grab you and go.
Who we are: Lots of us have been around bronzebeard since Wrath. We led the first mostly-pug 25 man raid through heroic lichking when ICC was current content. We held the world speed kill on YouTube for heroic anubarak 10 while it was current content. We put up exploration videos on YouTube back then that got some of us banned for a bit. We frequented the secret chat channels for crazy Friday night runs. And.... we're on track to creating awesome times like those again. Minus the bans.
Contact: me, Heretic. Aka hairy d***. Aka Xproterg
Guild Name: Category Five
Faction: Alliance
Type: Mythic+, Raiding
Raid Hours: 6pm - 9pm server
Raid Days: Tuesday/Thur (plus others)
Website: www.category5.org
Contact: Menacekiz, Bagatelle, Diremudflap, Celsius, Bladerage
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Guild Name: Over Nine Thousand
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding, Achievement Guild
Raid Hours: 5-9pm Server Time (PST)
Raid Days: Raids Wed and Thurs
Website: https://discord.gg/6gXgmAq
Contact: Squeeze, ianthe, Ruthgar, Blactacular
Guild name: Crit Happens
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding Normal NH 10/10, Heroic NH 3/10, and Mythic+
Raid Hours: 6:00pm to 9:00pm Sever (Pacific)
Raid Days: Wednesday and Friday
Contact: Hyrkoon (GM), Ringosfire, Halfwaydead, or Thamander.
Guild name: Vexed
Faction: Horde
Type: Casual Raiding (2/3/10)
Hours you do it: 9:00pm-11:30pm (server)
Days you do it: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Website: http://rtfqlisvexed.com/ (work in progress)
Contact: Squeegiemama, Deadeven, Raywah, Iamanoob

Many moons ago we were called RTFQL. The same core group of players have been raiding together for over 8 years. Pushing our way into The Nighthold. Mythic+ is a focus as well. Guild runs almost every night of the week.
Guild Name: Serenity Knights
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding & PvE, Achievements, Casual PvP
Raid Times: Wed., 9-11 PM ET; Thurs., 9-11 PM ET (starting with TOS)
Website: www.serenityknights.com
Contact: Pegorah, Marbared, Serendepth, Ercy
Guild Name: Temptation Awaits
Faction: Horde
Type:Casual Raiding & PvE, Achievements, Casual PvP
Raid Times: Tue, 6-8:30 PM PT; Wed., 6-8:30 PM PT
Contact: Me, Needabrez, Dan, Burntout, Massack, or Muldoinit
Discord: https://discord.gg/6vHfctQ
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Temptation Awaits
Just a heads up, there's a duplicate entry for Rising Sun [H]. The 1st Entry is outdated due to dwindling player numbers.
R.I.P guilds.
Could you update our listing?

Guild name: Team Awesome
Faction: Alliance
Type: Raiding, Achievements, some PVP
We raid at: 5:00pm pacific
Days you do it: Wednesday
Website: N/A
Contact: Onkei, Beoden, or Cheeks
Guild Name: Category Five
Faction: Alliance
Type: Mythic+, Raiding
Raid Hours: 6pm - 9pm server
Raid Days: Monday/Thursday (Normal FARM on Mondays, Heroic progression on Thursdays)
Contact: Bagatelle, Mookey, Ilili, Tydarion
or add Mookey's BNET (meghan#11415)

Restless Saiyons
Faction: Horde - Shandris guild,
Type: casual laid-back social raiding, mythics, and possibly pvp/battlegrounds

Days you do it: Weekends

Hours you do it: 5 - 9 or possibly late night depending on availability, and growth of guild

Contact: Lilsadie or Saydie, or Remar