Shame on Rãge and <Council of Arms>

Big shoutout to the pitiful GM of < Council of Arms >, Rãge. This coward will boot you from a group unprovoked and will ignore you instead of hash things out like an adult. /golfclap
what a crappy example of a guild masters behavior.

This message is approved by the Guild Master of Excessive Obscenity.

Council of Arms is a newer guild that advertises as a leveling guild to join. If the behavior of their guild master is to boot, ignore and then block another player without further conversation, then this is representative of the guild as a whole.

If you want the opportunity to join a guild that is established on the server, shows respect, actively seeks to improve the quality of leveling, pvping, and providing end-game content to its members, then Excessive Obscenity (EO) is the guild for you to join. Our mission is to develop each member to become better and contribute to those around them. We do all of this while remaining casual as this is a game for people to chill and escape the real life bullsh*t that we all deal with.