Shaman(DPS)/Druid(Heals) LF Semi-Hardcore Guild

Looking for a semi-hardcore guild with evening or fri/sat/sun raid times. Didn’t play much Classic but TBC is the xpac I really started to enjoy WoW in. Just looking for a group of cool and competent people to blast content with. Ill be working on pre-bis for my shaman first and would prefer to play ele or enhance but am willing to change if needed. I have TBC raid experience from both retail and pservers.


Could you message me on discord? Dyze#1023

Horde < Next Week For Sure > is a PST Hardcore PvE/PvP Guild [Fairbanks]
[H][PvE/PvP][Monday/Tuesday 8:00-11pm PST ][Loot Council]

   NOTE: Extra Kara groups are subject to different raid days

:exclamation: Looking for:

Ele shaman Shaman for immediate main 25 raid slots and 10-man slots

1x Holy Pal for a trial main 25 raid slot and immediate 10-man slot
1x Ret Pal for a trial main 25 raid slot and trial 10-man slot

Tanks and Healers are encouraged to apply for backup slots and Extra Kara group slots.

:exclamation: Who we are:
We are a conglomerate of long-time top-performing Classic Fairbanks players from guilds such as < Rampage >, < Songflower Serenade >, and < Animal House > (who is still raiding FYI shoutout to them) who decided to get the boys back together to create TWO 25-man raid rosters of the best players on the server.

:exclamation: Guild Accomplishments
Horde-second FULL content clear during the first raid lockout of TBC launch.
Logs: classic.warcraftlogs.c o m/guild/rankings/602521/latest

#1 Karazhan raid on Fairbanks

You can also browse the Fairbanks WCLogs main page to find our old guilds and current players at top performing positions: classic.warcraftlogs.c o m/server/id/5004/

:exclamation: Requirements
Consumables and BiS gear are required for raiding. Deep knowledge of your class, the ability to perform under pressure, learn strategies, implement strategies, research & understand encounters prior to raid, give and receive constructive criticism, and bring a positive, calm attitude is paramount to our future successes.

:moneybag: Loot System is Loot Council. I can give details in DMs if you are curious

**To apply, ask questions, or chat DM me on Discord Tryckster#6068 :question:
(Am also in-game a lot - Tryckster in-game)
Awak#8582 is also handling recruitment

PS: We are #1 Karazhan Speed on Fairbanks, and will probably sweep the podium tonight when our other Karazhan groups get in there.