Shaman tree is out but no blog post?

or did I miss something?

Apparently the ghost of Bus Shock lives on.

They don’t need to put out a blog when it goes straight to the beta server I guess.

They stated that they weren’t going to be doing no more blogs as the trees would just be data mined and posted pretty quick.

No dedicated blog post.
Seems they’ve switched it up, now they’ll just be telling us what the new alpha testing phase is focused on, and give us some dev comments.

This is all they had to say for Shaman:

  • Developers’ note: With the Shaman talent trees in Dragonflight, we wanted to hone in on some core concepts that are unique to the class. Totems have long been a special thing for Shaman, and we’re giving some new options to manipulate your totems position, radius, duration, cleanse poisons, or even potentially reset the cooldown. We’re bringing back Alpha Wolf for Enhancement Shaman, spreading some Stormkeeper functionality to Restoration Shaman, and trying out a new variation of Elemental Blast for Elemental Shaman, where it replaces Earth Shock as a more expensive Maelstrom Spender. All three of the Shaman specializations have a distinct style of play, and we’re hoping the new talents allow you to focus on your important totems, utility, and style of damage or healing you enjoy.

Disappointed to not see a tank spec, but I’ve already made the Enhance build I’ll use for the Shaman Tuskarr that’ll surely be in the game.

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They’ve uh, already confirmed no allied races planned. That means no Tuskarr.
Sorry bud.

They said nothing about core races.


As a DK main I’m kind of upset because the shaman tree is 1000 times better than the DK trees. I feel like the janitor made the DK trees

Replacing earth shock with a powered up elemental blast is a good idea.

Yo Shaman tree has 4 base nodes for 3 specs, things are starting to get wild.

Also Poison Cleansing Totem?
God they better bring back Pally utility or ya boi is gonna be fuming.


Shaman tree so far seems to be the most interesting, for the class tree at least.
It has the least required talents for throughput at first glance which means you have a lot of freedom for utility spells.

Honestly feels more like how the class tree should be, unlike Death Knight for example which has like 24/25 throughput talents that both UH and Frost will technically want.

That being said, importantly it does seem to leave a lot more unobtained talent, which may or may not be a good thing.
I know Blizzard was initially like “you will get ~80% of your tree filled out” whereas Shaman looks to be around 60% at best.

I’m not sure what the overall talent count is as it’s just a pain to count, but it seems to have a lot more nodes than the past trees.

Ok I counted anyway and Shaman class tree has 59 talent points overall, so you are getting just over 50% of them.
Much different from the other which I believe have around 43-45 points overall?


Not only Poison Cleansing Totem, Shaman are also now a legitimate mana bot now. Blizzard bringing back Replenishment mechanics and Shaman are getting that as well.

If Paladins don’t get Might for Ret and Wisdom for Holy, that’s pretty unfortunate.


Yeah, that was my first thought too.

But I don’t think its bad. It means there’s room to actually make choices. Some other classes, or at least certain specs, just get like 90% obvious talents and just make like 1 choice at the end with maybe 1 significantly more minor choice partway through. That’s no fun. Why even have talents then?

Yeah Mana Spring making a return, Shaman also seem to be the “put this in a group” class even more as Mana Spring also appears to be party only.

If things don’t return for Pally man, I’m going to have to riot.
Divine Steed/Long Arm of the Law choice node please. Or better Divine Steed/Speed of Light choice node, with Long Arm of the Law a separate node.

Buffs would be nice, I doubt seals return although WotLK seals would work if they did.

Yep, that was my opinion. Shaman has less obtainable talents but more choices which feels good.

I think that is how the class trees should be, I haven’t personally liked the previous ones but I don’t really mind this one.
I guess it’s harder for the others as those classes haven’t had the history of utility that Shaman has had to be access to in the past.

The spec tree for enhance mostly seems interesting as well, I think some nodes still feel out of place, Stormflurry seems to be an obvious one.

How the tree handles AoE vs ST also seems very different to the other trees we’ve seen, although I could be wrong. It just feels like the tree is “this is the AoE side” and “this is the ST side” than the previous ones.
Instead they seem more interweaved into the tree as alternative routes and typically more central on the tree. This could also just be due to Enhancements general lack of AoE capacity though.

Edit: Also thing that stands out to me just glancing at the Elemental tree, is it thematically has the right side of the tree Fire orientated and the left Nature, with the middle being more mixed/MoE orientated.
However Storm Elemental is on the right amidst all the Fire talents, which I understand why due to the nature of the Fire Elemental ability, but it does feel a bit out of place, thematically.

we only care about shamans in here and no point in getting excited for any tree at this point.

IMO they should put lasso back in the elemental tree and replace it in the general tree with static field totem.

Now elemental talent tree just needs wrath of air.

Enhance, at least, already was. Pretty sure windfury is only party wide.

Edit: You said even more. The school system has failed me.