Shaman 2H Axe Skill is 0

Shaman 2H skills are all 0 on the PTR while the others are maxxed out. Are we meant to have to go and level this in order to test out 2H builds?

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I noticed that…we are also missing totems. I started off without a water totem.

Warriors aren’t trained in Polearms and thus also have 0 skill. Would love to see this fixed in the next ptr update!

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Yes please! Wanted to try and test out 2h shaman but leveling the wep skill is a bit of pain…

dual wield dps throughout the stratholme undead side was 1.3k

two handed dps in a different play through of the same dungeon was ~750

huge gap

please buff 2h, i dont know the best way to do it that wouldnt affect others stuff… it doesn’t need to be as good as dual wield, just not so bad that the raid feels griefed that we want to play 2h.