#Shadywish - Free [Horde-US] Voidwing Carries This Friday - Sign up system (No raffle)!

This is awesome! I would love to help carry if you have need of a MW healer. I have the experience you want, I run an AOTC guild on Area 52, and Mythic raid in a guild on Illidan. Both monk meet your guidelines Liiloo-Area 52 and Tyquandoe-Illidan. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully to be a part of this event.


I have a geared horde demon hunter tank if you need a hand. Banedemon-Bleeding Hollow and I have been farming H Nzoth on multiple toons for my alliance guild so I know the fight pretty well. I do however have a very odd work schedule but if you need a substitute tank we can work out a btag trade or something and go from there.


can’t wait for a chance to run with you guys.

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We generally have the heals/tanks covered, but that said life happens so I’m not going to turn away help if anyone is interested!

We’ve created a community discord so we can set up a one stop shop of info for our event and announcing our upcoming runs. We have all carriers in there tagged with the carrier role so I can organize people on the days of the runs. I’d like to link it here, but I don’t know forum etiquette for that and I’ll err on the side of caution! You can find it at the bottom of our reddit post (literally the last line).

Anyone looking to be notified of our upcoming runs/fundraising milestones can join the Discord. (No pressure of course, asking people to use the stream to enter is already more than we planned on asking!)

Looking for a different date, time slot, or for a run on the Alliance side? Please check out the multitude of other amazing groups doing the same thing for great causes such as: Perky Pugs, A Reddit Dystopia, Desmephisto, and others under the #FriendshipDragon initiatives. I apologize to anyone missed in that list, we want to support all other groups out there.

(ALSO! To date, we’ve raised $1810 for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay from the extended generosity of people continuing to donate. Thank you to all our supporters!)

Shadywish starts again tonight at 8pm EST!

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#Shadywish runs again tonight at 8pm EST until around 11pm EST. We’ll be giving out more Uncorrupted Voidwings in support of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. No donation required like always, but appreciated if you feel inclined!

Tune into Grethamplz on Twitch any time during our run to enter the raffle. We can get about 120 mounts done in a night based on last week!

#shadywish carries are live!!! Come join my guild The Outcasts-Area 52 as we carry people through Heroic N’zoth and get your Corrupted Voidwing as we raise money for a good cause

Our queue is almost empty, so we need more people who need the mount!

Tune into GrethamPlz on Twitch and come get your Voidwing!

#Shadywish carries are live once again!! Come join myself the rest of us from The Outcasts-Area 52 (Horde side) as we carry people through Heroic N’Zoth and get your Corrupted Voidwing!

#Shadywish is live for our next run! Join us in stream for your Voidwing or chance at a Jaina mount! We ran short of people last week, so we’re really easily able to get Voidwings done!

When is the next run, if there is one? i saw this a few hours too late

I think I heard on the stream that they were planning to do another one next week, with a mix of Twitch raffle and a sign-up form, since it was much less, “I wonder if I’ll get in,” and a lot more like a queue, which went pretty quick.

Our next run is Sept 9th at 8pm EST.

And I’d like to formally announce we’re backing off the raffle system on Twitch because we’re straight up unable to find enough people who want the mount!

We’re now capping the number we do per night at 120 and using a sign up system! This is a lot harder on us, but we’re committed to reaching as many people as we possibly can.

Sign Ups - (Google forms, no sign in required!)


What does this mean for getting your dragon?

  1. You no longer need a Twitch account to join.
  2. You must sign up and be online during the event or you will be skipped and your spot will be filled via Twitch raffle.
  3. Jaina mounts will still be done via Twitch raffle at end of night to have a fair selection.
  4. We will close sign-ups when our cap has been reached.
  5. Anyone who misses signing up can join us via stream with Grethamplz on Twitch the regular way to have a chance at winning the raffle for fill-in spots. (And don’t worry, there will be plenty!)
  6. ADDED: If you sign up, your spot is 100% guaranteed as long as you are there on time and have followed the rules!

To date we’ve raised $2470 dollars for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and given out 240+ dragons. Hopefully this new system will let us reach more people!

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Join us tonight via stream for a chance at a fill in spot for your Voidwing or a chance to win a Jaina mount! Our next run + new sign up opening date will be announced during the run and in our Discord!


In reality, I don’t think theres a lot of guilds or streamers with the resources to pull off things like this for Alliance.

Asmongold is the only person ive seen do free carry runs for Alliance players.

Actually our friends in the PerkyPugs discord have done Alliance side runs. Desmephisto also has an Alliance side NA run on Sundays from 6-8pm EST that is ongoing!

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I signed up a few days ago, which means I’m definitely getting in, right? Would be nice to finally have that void dragon.

Sign ups have reopened but are literally flying out due to the traffic in the Discord. WIth AOTC leaving soon, this is a good chance to also snag the achievement! We have 120 spots each week until Shadowlands launches for the dragon!


Shadywish opens its queue up again tomorrow for another 120 sign-ups for guaranteed Voidwings! AOTC is leaving either in 1-2 weeks, so if you still want that achievement, you can join us for a chance! We’ve gotten over 600 dragons thus far! We’re now doing all of our sign ups via a Discord bot that helps simplify the process for everyone and make our runs a little faster. Just hop into the Discord and we will tag everyone tomorrow night at 7pm EST when sign ups are open!

The Shadywish Community Discord

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EDIT: Sign-ups for this week are now capped! We’ll have some raffle spots available for Friday on Twitch and in Discord as well as our Jaina mounts raffle. Sign-ups reopen on Monday the 28th at 7pm for our next run on Wednesday the 30th!

Sign-ups for Shadywish are open again in our discord! We have 120 spots for AOTC/Voidwings, so if you still need your achievement or dragon, sign up today!

All sign-ups are now handled strictly in discord and no Twitch needed! No raffle (unless you miss sign-ups), no RNG, no nonsense! Just sign up and be online when the time comes for your dragon! Feel free to ask around in our Discord, we’re just here to get dragons and make people happy!