Shady Hollows Tavern

Nestled within the shadowy forests of Duskwood is the Shady Hollows Tavern, an inn run by the Violetspear twins for the Dark Practitioners of the Alliance, the outcasts, ostracized, and general ne’er-do-wells. Featuring a unique menu derived from the surrounding area, this quaint little tavern employs a friendly staff for all your needs and comforts.

Currently and for the Foreseeable future: Inactive.


Singing my tune! We’ll see you there!!!

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That’s in Mario’s neck of the woods. I’ll have to swing on by then!

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Such a good time tonight at the opening! Was wondering - what will the hours of the tavern be like? Open daily or only open on certain days of the week? Regardless, will be back!

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Unfortunately I missed it, but will keep an eye on this thread for possibly future days the tavern will be open!

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I missed it as well! I would love to have times for these.


We’re changing schedule! We will now be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 8:30 - 10:00 ST.

I’ll definitely try to make it sometime this weekend! Sounds like a great environment.