Shadowmourne Changes are great!

Props on making these changes. Very much needed considering ICC Classic is about to be a few months shorter than original ICC. Very good, Blizz.


I like the saronite changes most. I don’t have to spend all my gold buying them now.


what are the changes?

Shadowmourne Legendary Quest

The Shadowmourne legendary weapon quest chain has seen several major adjustments:
    Shadowfrost Shards will no longer require that a player in your raid group to have advanced to the quest “The Splintered Throne” in order to drop.
    The drop rate of Shadowfrost Shards on 25 player normal have been adjusted to match the drop rates of 25 player heroic.
    The “End” boss of each wing (Saurfang, Lana’thel, Putricide, Sindragosa, and The Lich King) will now always drop a single guaranteed Shadowfrost Shard on both 25-player Normal and Heroic difficulties.
    Primordial Saronite will be more obtainable as well and will be purchasable from both the Emblem of Frost vendor as well with a new currency gained in Titan Rune Dungeon: Gamma Protocol dungeons. We’ll be sharing more information about Defense Protocol Gamma and its reward structure very soon, so stay tuned for those updates!
        Developer’s Note: There’s a large opportunity cost to obtaining Primordial Saronite early on as many guilds may opt to funnel all of their Primoridal Saronite to would-be Shadowmourne Wielders. Primordial Saronite is also the main ingredient for many new crafting recipes and obtaining the Primordial Saronite for said crafts will be very difficult early on, leading to a situation where by the time the guild is ready to give out Primordial Saronite for non-Shadowmourne Crafts, the items that can be made with this material are much less relevant. Giving an alternative method to obtain this resource made sense in this regard.

great changes i agree, i think if we are being picky that 25 NORMAL should still be less chance then HEROIC but hey decent W for blizzard for once

agreed, v good, have my updoot


it felt like whoever put thought into this totally gets me and I enjoyed reading the patch notes and seeing the stuff on ptr and I’ll accept it if the changes don’t make it in after all.

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Who cares?

8-10 weeks vs 18-22. You’re not gonna be seeing these in the time in takes you to kill the lich king and quit anyway.

uh yeah you will we arent starting at 30% bruh

Are you saying you can’t kill the lich king without the 30% buff?

Guild name checks out.

I do. I was worried about SM in PvP, but at least I had the thought it would take them forever to get. Now, warriors will be the new TBC glaive rogues faster.

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Unless they let shards drop in 10H, it’s still just pandering to p2w gdkpers.

It’s an item you get after you basically already beat the game, who cares

The shadowfrost shards are the limiting reagent, no?

according to wowhead comment heroic, 51-100% drop chance. wowhead shows 33% chance though, but maybe you can get more than 1 per kill? Assume 7 per week, that’s 7 weeks to make 1.

2 months for 1. if your guild last 4 months, you’re doing well. Cata will drop within 6, so absolutely best case 3?

why are people saying it’s free and everyone will have 1?

they want to make it like uld legendary mace, how the drops for some guilds were so bad.

I think we see 3-4 months of icc and 2-3 months of icc+ruby sanctum. Then Cata prepatch.

When they changed the phase lengths during Ulduar I think this means they are willing to let the big content patches simmer for longer and the smaller ones for shorter.

Heh, I guess I can say spending 40…50… or so weeks on retail getting it a year or two ago is now gonna be harder than getting it in classic! Heeh!
Unless they made changes to droprates and whatnot in live between wotlk and now, anyone know? The Journey for Shadowmourne though… it’s something else… Something I wish every player can experience it, instead of just dps and tanks who can wield two-handers and such… From the Look, and the Questline itself, it’s legendary, truly legendary!

Blizzard can’t help themselves from changing as many thing as possible in Wrath classic.

Im upwards of 100+ kills on High Priest Thekal across my toons, ide like a tiger plz. Ill be checking my mail.

The Shadowmourne changes are very good (people who play know this.)