Shadowlands Update -- Some Spells No Longer on GCD

You realise that’s a pretty poor argument. Autobubble was ridiculed by the player base and hated by the developpers.

Is there a reason why the Shaman dps cooldowns were left off the list or simply missed?

3 minute cooldown check
feels unsatisfying to press or even spec into, check

Or do we simply not have enough shamans testing in the beta?

They seem to have left most abilities that spawn an entity or guardian on the GCD. Infernal, Darkglare, Demonic Tyrant, Dancing Rune Weapon, Fire Elemental, Feral Spirits, Shadowfiend/Mindbender, etc. I believe Storm, Earth, and Fire is the sole exception, and that was probably made because Serenity, not spawning a guardian, was part of the initial list, and that probably felt a bit unfair, so they added it after posting the initial list.

I’m don’t really agree with the logic, but I believe that’s why the shaman CDs didn’t make the cut.

I don’t know the answer to that, but i’m not playing with Ascendance or Stormkeeper at all, they don’t appear to really do much, they don’t synergize with anything, and they don’t really feel like a big cooldown should. So it’s not that there’s not many Shaman testing, it’s that a lot of us probably aren’t using any big cooldowns, because they’re bad.

Nahhh, in the OP they mentioned how they originally wanted to give these an effect that occurred immediately on that GCD to make it more satisfying.

… except that only restoration has that Ascendance effect so far. Would personally love them to add an effect to elemental+enh’s similarly, but that’s just me.

I’ve added two spells to the OP:

Druid: Innervate
Monk: Mana Tea

They no longer invoke a GCD in the latest build of the Shadowlands Beta.


Can we get Double Tap looked at? It is used rotationally in a very similar way to Presence of Mind, and PoM is already off the GCD (has been for a while, in fact).


PRAISE BE! Thank you. MW still needs more work, but THANK YOU for working over the weeks to help MW get into a better mechanical feel.


Hunter’s Mark?


What about Ascendance? Does nothing on button press, feels bad.


Love you guys, this will go a LONG way in improving general game feel.


Could certain tank abilities, like base mitigation get that kind of treatment? Certain abilities feel weird to press in the moment’s notice.

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Thanks for the Innervate change! Any chance we can get the reasoning behind removing incarnation GCD from some druid specs but not resto druid? Curious to hear your reasoning, and still crossing my fingers it might get added with the other flavors of incarn. That said - very excited to see innervate added so soon to the original post.


Please tell me Hunter’s Mark is on the way.


Only like 30 spells to go


All paladin auras next please

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Shaman’s Ascendance should really be taken off the GCD too.
Makes a lot of sense when seeing all the other spells classes getting taken off GCD.

Sammme, or atleast have a riptide/lava burst/storm strike build in to hit current target.

any word on removing defensive CDs from GCD, dps cds feel better now, but nothting feels worse than trying to save yourself from death but cant because youre waiting to use your defensive

They just added an effect that occurs on the global of activating Ascendance for elemental and enhancement, so good news there!