Shadowlands: The Eternity’s End Content Update Goes Live February 22

Normally I’d be so excited for a new patch but being unable to raid, m+, or PVP at all means my gear is always super subpar and behind. They don’t know how to do scaling at all in any zone so I won’t be able to kill much. The zone will be cluttered and annoying to deal with like always and killing rares for mounts is just not rewarding when you have 550 of them already. They really need to start being innovative, stop time gating so much, and start listening to every possible player in terms of making good expansions and updates.

I am just too burned out to care anymore I think.

Edit: It’s also laughable and disgraceful that we’re only getting 2 major patch updates and both were about 7-9 months apart. I get pandemic and scandals slowed things down but it sure seems like no ones actually working on the game. If they announce 10.0 and it has no new race or class I think it’s time to be done for good which I never thought I’d say.

How is this news 9 hours old and im just now seeing it?

Where’s the 50 duplicate threads every 5 mins?

Anyways. Feb 22nd was not my bet, i thought we passed that mark.
But I am very pleased with this news.

Oh boy more pets to tame!

Good,good, I’ll take a week off while the mad rush goes through with all the bugs and lags, :grinning:

You have 2 weeks until launch, That’s plenty of time to plan most work places only require 2 weeks notice to put in for PTO

You have 3 weeks until raid launch that is also plenty of time see above

I already asked this and, as always for the WoW forums, actual discussion requesting data is ignored.

Every complaint I’ve seen is basically “MY CLASS AND SPEC ISNT NUMBER ONE BLIZZ BUFF OR ELSE”

What tier sets? How come no one in Liquid or Echo or BDGG etc are complaining or crying or even mentioning these supposedly unplayable, dumpster fire specs?

Oh right, they don’t exist. A few had bugs, they’ve been fixed, there will be a tuning patch pre mythic week LIKE WITH EVERY PATCH WITH A RAID EVER and that’s that. It is tested. It works. We’re all tired of killing Syvlanas in a 14m fight every week, so quit whining.

I swear man, no matter what they put out there’s always some way to mental gymnastics a way into bashing it even if it’s exactly what was asked for. Those of you with this mindset DO NOT LIKE MMORPGS, just go play Apex or LoL or CSGO. This game genre isn’t for you.

Great news! Looking forward to when Patch 9.2 goes Live. I checked it out on the PTR as well a little bit and liked what I saw. Looking forward to crafting some new mounts I would love to obtain for my collection! :smiley:

To those who played the beta, assuming you aren’t under NDA, are there new weapons/armor sets? Do they continue on from Korthia? Is there a point in grinding Korthia with my least used alt in preparation?

You could probably take a look at Kelani’s video which talks about a lot of stuff to both do and ignore prior to 9.2. Check the time marker at 5:29 where he talks about gear and Korthia.

And Im presuming you know that tier gear is coming back? Probably a good idea to do a bit of browsing on wowhead for 9.2 info.


Is he really “elusive” though? If anything, I would say we’ve been the elusive ones.


Why does this title name make me think of Cataclysm?

My sub ends on 2/28 and I won’t be continuing. Emptied all of my banks and gold into WoW tokens/blizzard account balance. The game’s just not enjoyable anymore and pulling the plus on an expansion after only two content patches wreaks of the same laziness as WoD. I hope the game gets better in the future but it won’t get any more money from me.

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If you got it during season 1, you should easily be able to get it for season 2. Tormented was a laughably easy affix in comparison to prideful

There is no beta for patches - you yourself can go download the PTR client and test it.

Hi again. It’s pretty awkward to post in this thread after four days, but my Battletag is Druid#1951, and I would love some help, when you can. Thanks!

Not awkward at all! I have raid night tonight in FFXIV, but I’ll be available tomorrow evening (and will drag my husband along haha). I’ll add you later today once I get done with work. :slight_smile:

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Ty so much.

Friend request is sent!

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Thx, I’ll accept when I can, and hopefully play with you tomorrow.

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Is the alloy-warping facetor being disabled Feb 22 or March 1 when Season 3 starts?