Shadowlands PvP Rewards

Since we implemented an updated design for Shadowlands PvP gearing into the Beta this week, we’ve seen several requests for a more-detailed explanation of the intentions behind the system.

Previously in the Shadowlands Beta, we tested a design where Conquest served as both the currency for the Great Vault and the currency for purchasing PvP gear from the vendors, with a weekly cap. From the outset, two of our main goals with PvP gearing in Shadowlands were:

  • Give players more direct control over their gearing by spending earned Conquest at PvP vendors, with an accessible cap and catch-up system.

  • Allow the Great Vault to supplement PvP gearing for Rated players, with a rewards track that is closely aligned to other organized endgame activities (Mythic Keystone dungeons, Raiding).

However, in Beta testing, we found that because by definition Conquest can’t be earned after hitting the weekly cap, using the same currency for both systems made capping Conquest and earning Conquest gear take much more effort than had been the case in past expansions’ iterations of the Conquest system.

In the live game, we recently updated Honor to be a currency that is rewarded by all PvP activities, including Rated ones. So in this design, we’ve shifted the Great Vault to require Honor from Rated activities only. Earning Honor through Rated PvP each week will result in a valuable reward from the Great Vault, and that allows us to detach Conquest from the Great Vault and place the Conquest cap much lower.

This means that players who do Rated PvP will earn their purchases from the PvP vendor much faster, and since Honor from Rated activities is uncapped, those who are really into PvP can continue to progress towards unlocking the second and third Great Vault options after capping Conquest for the week.

As the Beta winds down, please know that we greatly appreciate all of the testing and player feedback we’ve received since focused PvP testing began in the Shadowlands Beta. Thank you for all of your forum posts and tweets and bug reports and Youtube videos. We’re really looking forward to the PvP scene in this expansion.


I like it a lot


as long as its 20 ilvls lower than pve gear

This is a good change. Ty papa blizz


How many pieces of conquest gear will we be able to buy per week if we stay capped?

The Conquest Cap shows 9350 at the moment (this could be a single weekly value or a carry over for the week to week. I honestly don’t know). The gear is marked between 200 for conduits 1200-2000 for gear and 1000-3000 for main and offhand 4000 for two hand.

You can buy however many pieces you can afford during your weekly cap.


And why is that? Why would completing an easy mode +15 give the +20 more ilvl than getting 2400 which is considerably harder?


You get to pick the gear you want, no RNG and you aren’t forced to hit 2400 at all.

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I personally believe this is not a good change. The reason behind this, not everyone enjoys rated play and participation. For the past several expansions, since Mists of Pandaria, conquest could be earned via regular bgs. Yes, it was much slower, but it allowed a steady progression towards conquest gear.

I believe what you’re doing with this change is creating a stark and very real gap between entry level PvP and high-end PvP. You’re essentially telling freshly hit players to jump right into arenas and probably get smashed at a chance to earn conquest, instead of playing with friends (upto four others) in battlegrounds.

Secondly, rated PvP participation is really low compared to casual PvP. This to me feels the incorrect way to address participation.

This further reinforced the fact that players who ONLY participate in rated PvP will earn conquest gear. Essentially, the only path to conquest gear.

Please, reconsider the changes or making tweaks to it. Allow players to get conquest through unrated play at the same weekly cap that rated players can. Rated play should be the quickest way to get conquest, but not the only way.


A casual BG player who hates rated but has hundreds of thousands of honor kills, because hey, BGs are way more chaotic, unpredictable and FUN!


Not everyone Enjoys raid or M+ either.

More people do need to hop into arena and rated BG’s. The ladder for rating only makes sense if you have strong and weak players in the pool. If it’s only the well geared players in the ladder then it is less significant

This should improve rated participation. If the good gear with the right stats is there where else you going get it?

Players who like normal dungeons Heroic Dungeons and World quests have no path to Raid gear or M+ gear.

This is leveling the playing field. Not much needs change except for the rate at which you obtain honor and conquest.


Why should conquest gear be available for anyone who does casual pvp whereas only heroic raids and up are for people who actually dedicate their time to PvE? Getting full honor gear makes sense, but being able to get full conquest is like saying I should be able to get full heroic gear from doing mythic +4s. PvP used to be like this and no one complained until they started making PvP less dependent on gear and more dependent on ilvl and now you have mythic raiders running around stomping in PvP just cause they have the best gear


So, we have to do rated pvp to get pvp gear? Great its been that way for a really long time BC, Wotlk, Cata, ect all had conquest gear. Why change the weekly vault to honor? Why not just have conquest capping be one of the great vault unlocks, doing some epic bg wins be another, and winning lets say 10 bg’s be the third. Why pigeon hole everyone into doing just 2s and 3s, the rated BG community is dead lets be honest here.

Secondly, we still have no idea how conquest gear works. Is rating tied to item level, does the conquest gear needing to upgraded with conquest points? On the beta while highlighting Conquest cap bar it states " Earn Conquest to purchase Rated PvP items in Oribos. Rated PvP items can be upgraded with honor", Is this a tool tip error or does that mean we obtain conquest gear and use a large sum of honor to upgrade it?


It’s not an error.

Do your Arena Matches for Honor till you hit 1250 - 2500 -6250 (1,2,3 item choices respectively)

The item will be the base Conquest iLevel 190 or I assume higher if you have a higher PvP Rating.

Use the Honor you have gained from Rated PvP or Unrated PvP to upgrade your iLevel 190 item or Upgrade your Higher iLevel item if you got one from the vault.

Spend Conquest from your weekly cap gained for Rated PvP on iLevel 190 gear that you choose and use Honor you gained from any source to upgrade the item.

Edit: Not confirmed but it seems you need combatant rating or higher to upgrade the gear. Playing Arena and RBG’s is not enough. You have to rank up to earn the higher ilvl. IMO I think playing and winning arena matches is plenty. The push to up your rating will happen naturally so there is no need to gate the upgrades behind Combatant Duelist etc.

This is still a good change. Nothing is perfect I guess


Sorry to say man, but I’ve been playing since The Burning Crusade and PvP gear was purchasable with just regular honor, and arena points for the higher end weapons and shoulders. Since that expansion, literally every single expansion since then, PvP gear was purchasable with honor gear and conquest was attainable by non-rated play.

Rated play just got you conquest at a much quicker pace. You can defend your stance all you want, but I honestly feel this is a terrible change. Rated PvP should award, in my eyes:

  • Elite Transmog
  • Tabards
  • Illusions
  • Mounts
  • Titles

It should not award better gear. Because the better gear was attainable by literally ANYONE if you put the grind in through non-rated play. Then, people could dabble in rated play with their conquest gear. Locking the best gear behind rated play is just terrible.

And I get that some of you believe that it is akin to mythic+ gear, heroic gear or mythic raiding gear - and not to diminish those accomplishments, but that is a separate part of the game. This is PvP and that is PvE. Secondly, PvE gear is much more frequently bought through tokens, as opposed to buying PvP rank.

As I said in the earlier sentence, the conquest gear was attainable through non-rated play. THIS expansion is saying you MUST do rated play to get conquest gear. That is the difference.


For those of you trying to compare PvE to PvP, please stop.

PvE gets easier as time goes on. You learn boss strats, dungeon run strats, and it is static and never changes. Bosses don’t level up as you get more gear. They don’t increase in difficulty when it’s later in the patch. The difficulty never goes up, it only goes down.

In PvP, the difficulty only goes up. The longer the patch goes on, the more and more people are geared, and the more and more difficult it is to compete with them.

PvP participation needs to be the main focus. And this limits participation. Many players do not like being forced into arena, and this completely alienates people who don’t play a good arena spec…they will have a near-impossible task of getting a comp to play with consistently.

As has been mentioned ad nauseum on this forum, and nearly universally supported, the WoD model of PvP got it right. You had entry level blue honor PvP gear that was simple, fast, and easy to acquire. You then had conquest gear, and you could earn conquest from regular BG’s or rated play, whatever you chose. The conquest gear was superior to mythic raid gear but ONLY IN PVP. And even then, the mythic weapons were still better, so EVEN THEN PvE weapons were BiS and people were STILL ok with it because the vast majority of PvP gear was better.

Point being, you could earn BiS PvP gear from doing any form of PvP you wanted. And this caused PvP participation to skyrocket…and for the only time in the game’s history…was equivalent to PvE participation.

This is not the correct answer. Allow the honor to be universally earned, not just from rated.


Remind me again what people were doing for conquest in mop, cata, etc. Oh yeah they were doing rated 2s, 3s or rbgs. You could get maybe minimal amounts of conquest from stuff like isle of thunder dailies, but they never replaced the main method which was doing it through rated. Honor did purchase PvP gear, but it was a lower ilvl and weaker overall than the conquest gear as it should be since conquest gear was the gold standard you aimed to get so that you could push rating. Why should everybody be handed conquest gear for doing casual PvP?


This is what Blizzard should be doing is to go back to the WoD model. There was very little complaint in WoD when it came to PvP as opposed to the more recent expansions


Rated PvP needs a logical ladder. If “unrated” players never join in that ladder, then the ladder is full of elite only players.

No one is saying you need a high rating. You just need to earn wins and if it is a win against a weak 1000 rating team or a high rated 2400 team; it’s a win. You earn honor and get something from the vault

The more I go over this in my head the more sense it makes. Sorry if you disagree but this is clean engineering for PvP progression.

Edit: So far unconfirmed but there may be a need for a “higher rating” Upgrades begin unlocking at Combatant as it stands.


thank you for the update, it seems like a good change overall. i really hope you can keep us updated with posts and explanations like this more often, it really helps the pvp community understand what your goals and intentions are with each change when we see the reasoning behind it.


Couldn’t agree more.