Shadowlands PvP Needs


We the pvp community desperately need you to make some serious changes to pvp. I understand that you are working on a limited set of development resources, but we really need you to implement some key changes to the way you address pvp next expansion.

Update the PvP System
Blizzard, i would like to request that you reduce the duelist ranks to 2000, and potentially look at adding a new 2200 rank. The reason for this is that we need to expand the ranking system to enable a smoother climb and distribution of players to the appropriate level of capability.

In addition to this, I am also advocating for a change to the gear for pvp ranking. All gear caps should now cap at the new duelist (2k) rating. This means that duelist should be reduced to 2k rating, and should now yield 475 ilvl gear, with weekly chests, rng drops granting the max level (485 or what ever it is for max mythic content).

The reason for the increase to ilvl is because many of us who focus purely on pvp are really upset and tired of being forced into pve to do content. This is an outrage and insanely offensive to all pvp focused players and paired with the conquest system will help to remove most of our pvp complaints.

I know your development resources are not in priority for pvp, but there is a few things we need from you from the resources you commited.

First, i want to thank you for the rework to deep wind gorge, but it did not go off well not because of the map, but because of where you placed the graveyards. Either the terrain needs to be changed, or you need to move the graveyards to the main base.

I think simply lowering the location where the graveyards are from a mountain to a indented terrain, so you have to come out of terrain that is lower then the normal height, will help cause travel time between the spawn point and bases. Further, a small terrain wall that causes players to have to “go around” much like that which is between market and farm, or market and ruins, will be a great addition to this change.

If this is to much work or out of budget, please just move the graveyards over to the initial spawn points.

In regards to Seething shores, i again thank you for stepping out side of the box and trying to move away from base sitting maps. This was a good move, although you did not manage to nail the map perfectly, the improvements over the expansion have definitely gotten better. I would advocate removing the third node, or even just setting it so there is only one node, but adding the second if the fight is more then 30 seconds (much like that which is done with the 4th node spawn now, but at a lower interval). I feel that maps that have a lot of team fighting are generally accepted as being universally fun.

Ranking System Improvements to fight toxicity,

Please look into adding a +5 bonus for 3 or more consecutive wins for rating, and add come back bonus of +10 for the first win after two losses. This will massively help people in a few ways. First it will encourage people to stick around, which will act as a control mechanic to behavior. Second, it will put people in the proper cr they belong at quicker, Lastly, a catch up mechanic will help soften the blow of losses which will remove a lot of the toxicity and empower the above change(bonus).

It would be great if you looked into adding 2-3 new pvp maps this expansion.

We really need some serious focus on arcane, feral, and brew master for pvp in shadow lands. i’d really like to see these specs being on the top for the entire expansion.

Please look into removing battlegrounds from max level characters in an effort to force them into ranked pvp que.

PvE gear should not be more competitive in pvp then pvp gear is, nor should at any point pve provide such a benefit that it encourages (notice i said encourage, not mandate) people to do pve for pvp benefits.

Please add lockouts (1 hour) for people that leave RANKED battlegrounds before they are finished. we need more serious punishments for people that abuse the rating of others in ranked pvp because they cannot control their rage. I’d also advocate for them losing an automatic -50 points on top of the loss of the battleground (if the team gets it), and if the team wins they should not gain what the team won (leaving them with -50 points or worse regardless if the team wins or losses).

Thanks for your time and effort, please dont give up hope i know things seem rough now, but never give up, never surrender. Blizzard is not who owns it, or who lead it, it is a collection of intelligent, dedicated, skill individuals who make up the greater part of something beautiful, which we know as blizzard. never forget who you are, who you are as a team, what you have accomplished, and what you can do in the future. We believe in you. Have faith.