Shadowlands official link to release date: 10/27/2020


here is the video too if anyone cares

Oh cool so that means the alpha is about done and we get to play the open beta on 10/27 for two years?


that is correct yes


They finally noticed some ret pvp talents were tied to pruned Blessings 1 month before prepatch. Delay it imo lol.


The Beta for Azeroth continues with PTR patch 9.0 on October 27th!

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i actually think its looking decent

few major issues like covenant swapping and conduits having that weird cooldown but classes feel/play alot better to their bfa shells

idk maybe itll be good, it surely has the opportunity to be


I hope it’s good. I will end up playing it regardless so at least make my suffering a little less.

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They’re tuning things quickly it seems. They also did that at the start of BfA though, so I’m not holding my breath after release.


Guess I’ll have 2 months to figure out what new keybinds I need to get comfortable with. More spells feels nice, but I’m out of room :joy:

For players in the beta, does SL PvP seem like it’s in a decent state?

Or will Blizzard be trying to fix things on live and then tell players to wait for the 9.1 patch?

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Inquisition just went away with the last beta patch, so they are still working on which spells are too many and still need to go away.

Yeah! I hated that spell TBH. The new executioner sentence / final reckoning feel very satisfying to press, especially since both have a decent range to them and fit into the current “burst” playstyle we seem pigeonholed into playing.


I saw a fire mage in the trailer and turned off my phone

they scrapped hammer of reckoning but gave us exe sentence and final reckoning on both 1min cd. So we’ll keep our minute burst playstyle which is nice, but exe sentence dmg is done after 8sec, so its going to be weird to do set ups

Now we really need rep baseline instant cast on 1min cd, and some better def cd and stuff against casters and mobility.

Healing hands seems a little strong. Might be nerfed to 150-100% in pvp.

Healing hands seems very strong, in fact I was able to be constantly fully topped in duels against people with Divine Purpose and Divine Punisher pvp talent combo. My holy power generation was just so much that I could heal like crazy while doing sustain dps, until my 1min burst was back

Now what I really want is them to replace cavalier / steed with long arm of the law, then I’ll be happy lol