Shadowlands Legendaries -- October 7

We are currently in the process of tuning Legendary items, so in this latest Shadowlands Beta build, you may see many a number of Legendary effects have had their power reduced.

We’ve recently had internal discussions about our tuning targets for Legendaries and concluded that we were aiming too low with respect to their power. We’re working through another tuning pass on all of these items, and you should see further adjustments in an upcoming build.


good because what is legendary about a 3% dps upgrade?


So why were the changes pushed in this build? I’m all for iteration but this is just getting confusing now.


Is there space for iteration on the designs themselves? Some of them are still just, beyond tuning, poorly designed to the point that I struggle to see how I would use them, or if I would even want to.


How about an outright redesign to havoc dh legendaries?


Vengeance Demon Hunters desperately need new legendary choices.

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So how did this come out?

What does this even mean then? If you guys knew, why?

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Thanks for taking a second look at em! Even with the base damage nerf of the shadowstrike legendary, is there a chance it could go back to dealing shadow damage?

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Can you please touch 50-60 leveling its impossible to reach lvl 60 currently.


Mages can come off suicide watch for the time being.


Oh, okay. I guess Legendaries should provide a bigger DPS increase.

But wait. Legendaries by design is a form of borrowed power.

But I thought borrowed power is bad.

So having a Legendary only grant a small increase should be good because it minimizes the impact of borrowed power.

But they need to provide a bigger DPS increase.

Repeat ad infinitum.


This is the biggest clown fiesta expansion of all time.

  1. We’re out of time so we need to delay the expansion
  2. Hey check out this new system we introduced to try help cover the shortcomings of a poor system in Conduit Energy.
  3. Covenants should be like a sub-class! Unique!
  4. So we nerfed all the covenant abilities, gutted soulbinds, took a sledgehammer to potency conduits now and destroyed a few legendaries.

Glad i got front row tickets.


Please unnerf the DK legendary Superstrain now. The 75% nerf it received was ridiculous.


If were stuck with a system that requires me to kill a raid boss to get something that fundementally changes how my character plays - the thing should matter. Also what an awful straw man amalgamation of 2 different arguments to form 1 bad one.

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Bunch of negative Nancies in this thread. Get some sunshine and take a deep breath before you post ya goofballs.

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I don’t think you know what a strawman is.

Legendaries are borrowed power.

Borrowed power is bad.

But you want Legendaries to be strong, so more of your overall power is tied to them.

I can’t give you two forks to eat all that cake.

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Akaari rogue from 100% > 50% > 15% . It’s not a nerf but crushing gears, might as well not having them as legendary anymore

The… irony… is… too…much


I don’t think you understand what irony means.

Oh, I really, really do.