Shadowlands launch cinematics (spoilers)

i will add more cinematics as i find them, and hopefully this expansion will be better than bfa and i hope you enjoy the thread

edit: thank you to everyone who posted cinematic videos in the comments, they have been added to the OP


wtf was that red thing?

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we dont know

It seems like an unstable soul? Idk Gul’dan? ehm I have no idea. maybe an irredeemable soul? but that wouldnt work.

Anyway so Blizzard lied again.

What a big surprise.

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maybe it was denathrius shrug

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Nah he is just responsible for the Shadowlands Drought, not the “all souls go to the maw” stuff, he basically throws anima into the maw.

Maybe it was azeroths world soul?

But that wouldnt work because sargeras has slain titan souls before.

What was the point of the cinematic really?

I…we…learned nothing?


Didn’t Ysera and Ursoc have Red Nightmare Energies infecting as did Xavius?

It would be funny if one of these 3 Nightmare infected caused the Arbiter to break down due to smacking into her!

Probably for the general population that doesn’t really follow anything outside of the game.


Nah it wasnt that, ursoc etc got judged, and he died in emerald dream.

Oh comments say that it could have been argus.

I see that as the ONLY possibility.


literally worthless pepelaugh


Meme cinematic and seems like The Jailer is having more allies than we think

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Wowhead is speculating that he could be related to Xavius, whose experience with the fel and void may have affected his soul in interesting ways, or even Argus.

I think it was supposed to make us sympathetic to the Arbiter as a character, over just seeing her as a broken robot.

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yaaah…it didn’t work.

It still feels like a waste of a cinematic? Could of just had a random character by her body when we get there saying some red glow shocked her and she hasn’t moved since then and everything is going haywire.


it cost us 6 raid tiers


Having done alot of N’zoth… it sounded like a sound effect from the boss fight.

I doubt that it would be Xavius. Most people have speculated it was argus because Afrasiabi referring to Argus as the “Death titan” idk

Xavius status is “deader than his last death” but there is “No official ruling at this time, but he’s definitely “deader” than the last time we’ve killed him. ;)” to quote Sean Copeland.

I hear you with that.

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My favorite thing about people trying to suggest who it may be is that every single suggestion would still basically make no sense. There’s literally no good answer lol.

I hope it’s something really dumb like they forgot Sargeras didn’t die or the collective sadness of Teldrassil destroyed reality.