Shadowlands is not Altfriendly but it's also not even Spec Friendly

I would like to hear your opinions because some people will say that’s for the min/max people but i think it’s also about gameplay.

We’ve the core systems on WoW, Talents and Specs for each class right, so as part of Shadowlands they added a covenant power and a covenant class ability which is not the same with different colors…

Lets take the following scenario (without taking on consideration the impact of soul binds).

A DH has Elysian Decree as Kyrian ability which is another sygil really good for aoe damage and tanking on pve during 9.0, however if the same DH wants to do some arenas, that power is not the best, the enemy can avoid it compared to a Sinful Brand from Venthyr or The Hunt.

So, how is possible for System Devs to create a new power base system that goes against the core systems of the game.

Since a specific class can’t change their gameplay from one covenant to another in matter of minutes, like talents and pvp talents.

Hopefully, 9.1.5 or 9.2 will have these covenants powers like talents or something easier.


  • A small change was made to help conduits upgrades take your spec into account.
  • Tier 6 Korthia Archives are account wide.

It was too little too late and the damage was done. I don’t know if they will make more changes but it’s a start.

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True it’s a start, hopefully they will work on the famous Pull the ripcord, I’m still shocking just imagine all the scenarios of classes that their BIS for healing m+ is one and another one for raid or they want to do dps on raid, it’s like the Devs are creating tools like legendaries, soul binds and covenants but they limit the player creativity to just a little part of their systems because some players like Restrox that tries everything will do an arena with a specific covenant and talents and then next arena with others and found their own gameplay.

Is this for real? Great news if true. That means I won’t have to grind to T6 on my 2 or 3 alts to be able to upgrade their gear past 220, right?

I wish I could say it was accountwide for EVERYTHING. I’m not sure but you can purchase conduit upgrades.

Someone else can confirm if it’s for the entire bunch of items.

Ion advertised it as the most alt friendly expansion. I should have kept in mind that he doesn’t play any alts and knows nothing about how to make the game fun for people playing alts.


Sockets and Conduits, yes. Upgrades past 220, no.

In the notes from Hotfixes July, 20th: “The new socket adding item, Alloy-Warping Facetor and conduit upgrade item, Death-Bound Shard should now be purchasable by all characters on your account from Archivist Roh-Suir once one character has reached Tier 6 Research.” It does not mention the 226/233 upgrades and since that’s tied to renown as well as Tier 6, it seems that’s unfortunately “working as intended.”

The person in THIS THREAD reached Tier 6 and thought for sure it was a bug that he couldn’t upgrade to 226/233 on his alts, but that doesn’t seem to be the case–it’s intentional.

Then it isn’t account wide. A venari rep copypaste.

Depends on how you use your alt.

If your alt is just for getting to max level and helping you farm mounts, pets, achieves, etc. then this is a very friendly xpac.

If you want to do current content? That I don’t know. I do know legendaries seem to be expensive.

would’nt it just be easier to say it’s not player-friendly?

Well, bummer. I was hoping I could get my main to Tier 6 and not have that grind with my alts. Renown doesn’t bother me as much, as the catch-up mechanics “now” are fine. Now the trickle of current renown…

Legendary recipes
Conduit ranks
Soulbind unlocks
Soul ash
Soul cinders

None of these are easy to acquire or catch up on in this game. Making an alt is like making a new main. Not to mention certain legendary recipes come from an old raid that no one does anymore. This is Eternal Palace azerite powers all over again.

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it could be worse. could be like the start of Legion. you had to choose which weapon got the upgrade stuff which made it 99% of the time the wrong choice to choose anything other than the main weapon. an offspec weapon getting the upgrades literally took away potential power from the main weapon.

at least offspecs in shadowlands have some value higher than a fresh character. :thinking:

to date, i think WoD was the most alt friendly because all you really needed to do was level them, get catchup gear and your good to go.

in shadowlands you need gear. the right covenant, renown, conduits, soul ash. soul shards. around 20 usd in wow tokens. 40 hours of gameplay, and depending on your chosen content focus, RNG for your RNG to get stuff from the vault. the right shards of domination. the RIGHT domination gear and min of 2 others. OR you need to have have a score for your mythic+ to get accepted to a group or be a tank/ heals.

if you are just starting in pvp, you are about a month or so behind on gearing. to even come close to catching up you need to be caught up to renown 59 and have about 40 hours of pvp grinding or 20 hours of slamming your under geared head into a wall in rated pvp grinding out losses. or if you are lucky get carried through enough wins to have half as much rated gear because you missed the vault so many times already.

WoDs main failing aside from trying to delete flying was giving too much instanced convenience. people did not need to leave garrisons. they didnt need gathering professions. the nature of the mission table made the game almost Alt Required to min max gains.

a game is a game. people are people. and people can and will min max anything and everything to game the system. be that a video game or I R L. but people also tend to be lazy and will follow the path of least resistance so if it takes more effort people will shift gears to a product that will let them do just that.

FF14 gives players a massive path of least resistance as all the “classes” are accessible to a single character.

how could wow shadowlands have been more alt friendly and spec friendly? have all 4 covenants automatically receive credit for the anima for game play reasons.
once conduits are unlocked for one class, they are automatically unlocked for all alts of the same class.

sell a full set of conduit unlocks from an exalted rep vendor. have it BoA so players can send it to alts and they can unlock ALL the base conduits.

at min, double the amount of charges that conduit energy have. base it off renown 40.
better if you can buy more charges for 100 anima each.
Best if you remove it altogether

Raise time walking rewards to be equal to heroic gear.
raise Time walking Vendor items to be 3ilvl lower than Mythic 0 ilvl
(i know, people have a lot of time walking badges saved up but from a normal starting point, the primary way of getting the currency is from doing the dungeons. why are the rewards WORSE than what is obtained from the dungeon? Its on par with the Vault giving lower base ilvl items than the content needed to obtain them. like killing 9 mythic raid bosses so you can get normal/ heroic gear from the vault. the reward system is backwards on those vendors.)

Lego items are over priced and the root cause is the barrier to entry for making them. needing to make them multiple times to unlock the next rank never should have happened. it made it so alt crafters have a massive list of chores they have to do before they can be made at a relevant ilvl

more bag slots… all the legos and gear and anima items and research items and necessary items is very unfriendly to general game play. it forces an interruption to playing the game. it turns it into bag space simulator, which breaks immersion. the more often a player has o go back and forth the less likely they are to want to come back. the further behind they become as a result, the less motivation to even bother.

If I want to go enhance I gotta venthyr if I want to go ele I gotta go necro it’s not fun at all

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I thought you guys liked Legion.

Man that was the most alt unfriendly xpac at the start.